Stand By My Almost Killers

family_2_-_qp11well this story has gone national.
yvonne and zachery ervin,
the ( x parents of the two jackals ) who tried to kill them,
appeared on “good morning america” this morning.
robin roberts sat down with the parents for the exclusive…
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I Forgive You For Planning To Kill Me For 11 Years

snellville7n-1-webwell remember these two stunning jackals?
christopher ervin and cameron ervin.
well they tried to kill their parents and blow them to smithereens in their atlanta home.
( x read here for refresher )
well you know i was going to keep my nose in this story.
as always this fox has updates!
check the motive…

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Kill The Parents

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 8.06.13 PMlooks like a happy black family,
well think again.
i just saw this story and was locked the fuck in.
well the two brothers in the picture tried to kill their parents yesterday.
you gotta read this article foxhole...

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