Kill The Parents

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 8.06.13 PMlooks like a happy black family,
well think again.
i just saw this story and was locked the fuck in.
well the two brothers in the picture tried to kill their parents yesterday.
you gotta read this article foxhole...


Two Atlanta-area brothers almost killed their parents on Saturday morning by beating them and trying to set their house on fire, police said.

Yvonne Ervin dialed 911 from the family home in Snellville just before 8 a.m. to alert police that “her sons were trying to kill her and her husband,” Gwinnett County Police Sgt. Rich Long told WSB-TV.

“She told the 911 operator that the husband was distracting the sons and she was able to call,” Long said. “That is probably the life-saving move from this event.”

Police arrived at the Forbes Trail home moments later and caught Cameron Ervin, 17, and Christopher Ervin, 22, at the scene, Long told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Zachary Ervin, their father, was “severely injured and bleeding heavily,” and his wife was “seriously injured,” Long said. Both went to a nearby hospital, the newspaper reported.

snellville7n-3-webOfficers at the scene picked up a “strong odor of natural gas” at the house, Long told the Journal-Constitution. Investigators discovered that someone had tampered with the home’s gas line, and they suspect the brothers of plotting to burn up the house, according to WSB-TV.

Both brothers now face two felony counts of aggravated assault and two counts of arson in the first degree, according to county inmate records. They’re not eligible for bond.

The pair have been cooperating with the investigation, but police haven’t released a possible motive, Long told the Journal-Constitution. Snellville is about 25 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta.

i’m curious as to what the motive is behind this.
they just didn’t want to kill their parents because it is labor day weekend.
this was also definitely planned with the gas line.
so you know a fox got on the hunt.
it looks like christopher lived a good “attentionisto” life.
peep these pictures from his instagram:

that mug shot did him no justice.
he also has two pictures posted up of his mother:

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 8.13.23 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 8.13.32 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 8.14.51 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 8.14.56 PM.



















tumblr_lntv1u0DJ01qafcveo1_500so two brothers,
who lived in that beautiful home,
with what appeared to be a good life,
and what appeared to be a good connection with their parents
just flipped heavy and wanted to kill them?
sounds like they wanted a insurance policy payout.
beat em up,
blow the house up,
and become the “omg what happened?!” role.
sounds plausible.

unless its was something stupid,
like “i’m taking your car keys away” or “i forbid you to go to that bbq”,
thats what i’m getting from this story.
sad story all around.
i’ll wait for the motive to be released.

article taken: ny daily news | pictures taken: instagram

35 thoughts on “Kill The Parents

      1. Instagram filters can get rid of blemishes ,skin discoloration,etc.Also almost everyone looks bad in mug shots unless they are wearing makeup because of the harsh ,fluorescent lights.

  1. No disrespect to any of you all. How does on group picture in front of home show perfection or imply that everything is together. Just like you may take a picture with your boo and break up a week later, things are not always good. I have taken pics with classmates and people I didn’t care for. This wasn’t a family selfie, someone else took the picture. Shoot I can recall having pics taken with my family after church or on a family trip, when or my siblings was just disciplined or told no to something we wanted and we still had to take the picture. I was going to let strangers know family business. Lol. Let’s not be so gullible.

    1. Well, see that was my point about this whole thing, but it seems like they were deliberately trying to paint that picture. From my perspective they wanted us to think that they have everything together, as a way of keeping up the image, when they really do not.
      People do that a lot, especially these instagram people. Hence why I take it with a grain of salt. Hell after some of the stuff posted on here about some Latin attentionistos selling their bodies for thousands of dollars to pay their rent and a Tyler Perry actor living the high life of attentionisto-ing off of the money of their producers in exchange for sex, I scoff at most of these dudes stunting on social media.
      It’s all an act.

      1. They look spoiled rotten!
        There must have been some real crazy ish happening in that house for those kids to go wild. Or maybe they always were like that.

  2. I have a feeling they were trying to kill the father. If this was about insurance money, they could have murdered them while they slept and blew the house up at the same time. This appears to be like a crime of anger by the minor details I’ve read.

  3. It is strange that they stabbed their father and beat their mother.It was not thought out.They could have killed them while they were sleeping and then set the bedroom on fire.I don’t think it was premeditated or they are not very bright.

    1. That makes sense. If it wasn’t premeditated then drugs may be a possibility. Some drugs make folks hallucinate….maybe they thought they were killing demons…

      1. Funny you mention that some poster on lipstick alley claims the younger brother uses synthetic marijuana.
        If I am planning on killing someone I am going to make sure they can’t get to their phones.

        Not that I am planning on killing anyone😃

  4. This story is so crazy and bizarre. A few weeks ago I read a similar story look up Monica and David Johnson.

  5. I know it seems like the kids were crazy but I wonder if it was the parents that were actually crazy and the kids were trying to escape or something? (I’m just grasping here). I know the kids would have to be the crazy ones but it’s just set up in such a strange way. Nice house, look financially set, both parents are in the house, and the kids just went crazy with the parent’s being completely “normal” without any dysfunction?

    I’m not saying they deserved it but it just makes me really wonder what went down and what led up to this. I have a feeling all parties have some major part in this, and the parents are probably just as innocent as the kids are (sarcasm).

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case at all. Or they could be just crazy spoiled kids of this generation that can’t handle “no” and acted like overgrown children. Either one, but I want to know more about the parents, like were they really strict with high standards? Abusive? alcoholic? drug issues? temper? Infidelity? Gambling? What went on in that house? What were those kids upbringing like? What happened if one of them came home with a bad grade, or was gay, or was not an athlete, or not some sort of overachiever to reflect their parents positively to society since they’re all about image (hypothetically speaking)? I’m getting “perfect doll house” syndrome from this family. It would give more depth to this.

    1. ^damn you got me thinking.
      i even went as far as molestation.
      i know that sounds crazy,
      but stranger things have happened.

      something is lurking in this story.

      1. Anything’s a possibility! Especially with an attempted murder.
        Something is definitely not right about this story!

  6. Their mother is beautiful tho. Love her hair. The attenisto’s pictures… The mugshot and heavily filtered pictures on instagram… his nose looks like it’s 60% of his face…

  7. Wow what Instagram filter was he using because the mugshots never lie. They were some unfortunate looking brothers.

    Probably the age old tale of spoiled brats used to getting everything for nothing and when their parents finally put their foot down they can’t deal.

    They should put them under the prison!

    1. ^yeah because that mug shot told no lies 😂😂😂
      they both look like straight goons.
      bawdy was nice tho.

      you are right on the spoiled brat theory.
      I can see that.
      I wanna know how they thought they woulda got away with that.
      the plan seemed flawed.

    2. That’s what i said. The mug shot and the instagram pictures look like two completely different people. Looks like he takes after Kylie Jenner (with and without her make up on).

  8. Wow…it’s the ones that look like they have it all together that are the most toxic people often times.
    This should remind us that no one really has it “all together”, there is no having life all “figured out” (at least not while we are living) and even the most refined looking people can be the killer.

    I don’t put anything past anyone. We are all capable of the same crazy, we just need to be crazy enough to act on it.

    I wonder what will become of that family now?

    1. ^very deep comment.
      that’s why you can’t look at anything and think of it as truth.
      that one brother is attractive and he has bawdy.
      who woulda thought he was plotting to kill his parents?

      social media is definitely showing us nothing is really what it seems.
      that is comforting to know.

      1. For sure, social media is specifically manipulated by people to market themselves in the most biased way possible, to suit their own benefit, and to portray themselves how they want to be seen by OTHERS on their profiles.

        Don’t take anything you see on these sites (or anything anyone says for that matter) for face value. It is all manipulation. If you keep your vision on everything between the lines, you will be able to judge people more clearly.

        I have no doubt that if we knew these kids personally, there would be dead giveaways that this behaviour was a possibility. People can’t conceal themselves 100%, no matter how hard they try, there are always red flags, and dead giveaways, sometimes even cries for help.

  9. The black wannabe Menendez brothers.The Menendez brothers killed their parents at their Beverly Hills mansion for the insurance about 25 years ago.

      1. U just really made me think about my age with the above reply J…😁😁😁


  10. Oh I can’t with this! This is so disturbing I wonder why they wanted to kill their parents this just seems too I.d channel for me lol! But this needs to be investigated further for sure.

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