The Bunz of Mail Room Wolf At The Job

tumblr_lr9r6eRMRV1qg02v7o1_500 nothing like a big package.
you know there is something nice inside it just for you.
well a wolf-bi wanted to show us something nice.
its the bunz of his co worker at his job that works in the mail room…

“Ayo Jamari I snuck this pic on the low of my Wolf coworker. He straight but his ass too fat and I think he know I be staring at that mug…esp. when he sags his shit is HUGE he do it on purpose”

tumblr_mb756yYObo1qmfh3wi would love to handle that.
something about the mailroom wolves…
its like working out every day once you take that gig.
i know so many wolves start out in the mail room mad skinny,
but get stacked in a month or two.
god bless big packages.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “The Bunz of Mail Room Wolf At The Job”

      1. But wait one minute….imagine him sliding them jeans and draws down to his knees!!! What is he doing with all that wolf ASS!?!?!

  1. It would be torture to work with all that every day and feel like you’re not allowed to look OR touch! 🙁

    It’s just not right!

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