Clash of The Titan

boxing_gloves_by_tomikoart-d3cpuf6so mi and i fought tonight.
literally fist fighting in my apartment.
she came at me crazy and i showed her my crazy.
it was a scene.
she threw glasses at me.
some of my vases are broken.
i got scratches on me.
i tried not to knock her head off,
since she is a female,
but i had to drag her crazy ass through the crib.
i grabbed her shirt and tried to block the swings.
she tried to get a knife.
the bitch straight blacked on me.
it was like a crazy person from off the street.
either way i kicked her ass out.
i threw all her shit in the hall.
i’m done.
i don’t live like this.
its funny how jay predicted this yesterday.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “Clash of The Titan

  1. Wow. Yeah, she has to go. I’m usually a supporter of helping people at their lowest moment but that type of behavior of unacceptable in your home. She definitely needs to leave and stay out. Praying for you man.

    1. ^i texted everyone I know so they would have it on record.
      god forbid something happen to me at least my people know what went down.
      thank you king.

  2. I’m shocked. I thought for a second you might be joking. What a turn of events. Who knew that comment was foreshadowing your own battle.

    1. ^im bleeding,
      my whole apartment is fucked up,
      and this bitch nearly killed me.
      i had to break down because I brought this girl into my crib and this is the thanks I get??
      naw she gotta go.
      I should have listened to my spirit the first time when it told me not to.

      1. Damn J. I wish I could give you a hug. Now I see why you stopped fucking with that side of your family. When I was 16 I went through a similar situation where a person who was kicked out had a way to get back into the house. The best we could do was put a chair in front of the door so if someone tried to open it from the outside they’d be met with some force. I also stayed up all night just in case the person we were trying to keep out came back. Maybe you could put something big/heavy in front of the door. I don’t know if changing the locks is as easy as they make it sound on TV but you might need to do that. I don’t want you to come home one day only to find she took your shit and skedaddled.

        1. ^when I sent everyone texts on what went down,
          everyone but one person said I need to kick her out.
          I don’t know why I still feel concerned over what she is going to do,
          but at the same time,
          I feel completely disrespected and hurt.
          when you put your hands on me,
          that’s when you gotta go.
          I wouldn’t allow a man to do this to me.
          this chick is supposed to be family.
          she looked absolutely crazy with that knife.
          I didn’t see my cousin anymore.
          I saw a crazy person who wasn’t in control of what she was doing.
          that’s when I backed up completely.

          im going to lock my bedroom door and go to bed.
          thank you Zen and everyone for the comments.

      2. Laawd i knew i knew it. This just brings back all the feelings from my ordeal which was not even a year ago. Jamari i know how u feel thats y im in my feelings right now. To open your home and accomodate someone one especially family and to then be mistreated, used, and disrespected is just too much to not beat somebody ass. Im not an advocate for violence but sometimes u gotta lay hands on a mothafucka. I dont understand how people can be that self centered and then to physically attack you, je ne peux pas! (i can’t). i hate to hear that this happened to u. My apatment was a mess to.

        Its perfectly normal to wonder or even be concerned with what’s going to happen with her or where she is going to stay. I was a little bit as well with my brother but that paled in comparison to my overall feeling of i dont give a fuck!

        Don’t for one second question yourself on if you did the right thing because my brother and your cousin are lucky they got to walk away instead of being carried away. I know you were holding back with her because i held back with my brother, he did leave my house lookin like a three horned rhino though with dem knots on his head.

        Anyway Jamari u shouldnt feel bad because your heart was in the right place from the beginning. I know u tried to make her feel welcomed so there is nothing else you could or should have done because you really aint obligated to do shit fo her ass! I keep getting upset as im typing. Just get your house back in order and don’t let her come back becsuse people like that have to be forced to get they shit together. Her problem like my brother is they have to hit rock bottom to get in order.

        Anyway mon cher, ne t’en fais pas(dont worry) you are a good person and this is a minor upset but you are gon be blessed for the positivity u put out there. Trust me because i was. You gon be just fine.

  3. Yeah she needed to go. Complete disrespect to someone who extended a helping hand, when they had no one to turn to. Try to have a good weekend.

  4. Wow WTF?
    You’re giving her a fucking place to stay, how is she going to be swinging at you when you’re putting a roof over her head?
    That is some next level disrespect Jamari! I’m glad you threw her out! I supported you taking her in but if she can’t get her shit together and is going to be violent to you, she needs to go!
    She misses rent over her dumb ass phone, and catches an attitude and attacks you and breaks your things? What the actual fuck?
    No words.
    You might want to change your locks lol

  5. Noooooo no no no no good thing you threw her out that is a complete disrespect of your home not to mention your good will. I hope this “Mi” chapter ends here…

  6. I’m sorry Jamari this happened. People seem to forget when they have others helping them out. Mi is a damn fool and will get hers. You are in my prayers.

  7. Ooh….jamari I’m so sorry to see that thing’s has gone completely left this shouldn’t have even gone this far this is the epitome of a trifling bitch how dare her have the nerve and the unmitigated gall to come at you like that I’m disgusted for you man but you know what jamari like a friend of mine always say you pay for your education and man you just got it and you paid for it with blood ain’t no need to retake that course ever again that cows gone get whatever’s coming to her you watch and see!

  8. Maybe you’re already asleep as I write this. If not, please call the police right away to report this and have them see your wounds and your place before you clean things. You need to press charges. I am being extreme for a reason. You need to press charges before she does! The law sides with women. If you report first, you establish that you are the victim. Was she going to smooth butter on you with the knife? No, she was going to stab you. You could be dead right now! This is about self-preservation, the first law of nature. Give the police a full description of her. Tell them where the relatives live so they may have places to check for her whereabouts. You must see this as war. You must destroy her, legally. Tell the police you are in fear for your life.

    I’m telling you to do all this so there will be an official record on file. Should she come back and she has the means with the keys, or should she confront you on the street and you kill her lest she kill you, a report of your attempted murder will be on file, which will bolster your defense of self defense.

    If you’re asleep now, first thing in the morning, get the locks changed. Let something else go, if necessary; the locks must be changed, immediately.

  9. Damn I’m so sorry to hear that, and after everything you did for her. Kicking her out was the right thing to do. I hope you’re ok and safe bye cause I wouldn’t be surpised if she tried to come back and start some more shit. Praying for you.

  10. Holy crap! I hope you’re okay! You can’t even help out family these days. smh! People just take everything for granted. It was right to kick her out. If she still has your keys then maybe you could get the locks changed?

    You’re better than me, at the point where she tries to grab the knife, whatever you would have did to her would be self defense. At that point it’s not a petty fight anymore but it’s my life i need to defend at all cost and that’s not the kind the thing you want to bring out in anyone. She’s lucky you were nice enough to keep a cool head in the situation.

  11. Omg omg first thing first get your locks changed immediately I think by you renting you can even tell the landlord what happened and they can they can change it and if not tell them you have to get the locks changed and tell them what happened. I must have missed a few entries because the last time I read you guys were good. Smh family I swear can be more treacherous than a stranger on the street. I’m lifting you up in prayer please give us an update and let us know that you’re okay love

  12. Oh no!! When I read: “literally fist fighting in my apartment” I gasped. Let me give you some legal advice as a crim. major, I’m with Old Head, I suggest you report it as well before she does. I know y’all are family, but that fight sounded serious and you are bleeding too?

    How did it happen?

  13. OMG
    When I didn’t see a new post last night I thought you were out having fun at the movies,dinner,etc.
    I can’t believe this sh## was happening. .Take pictures of the damages and your injuries.Change locks.
    Everyday I watch Judge Judy and I have seen dozens of cases of roommates,family members,ex lovers going to the house and destroying the other ones clothes,property,etc.

    She is not on the lease so I don’t believe she has any legal rights regards to the apartment.She can go the police and claim you assaulted her.I know you don’t want to get her involved with the police but you have to protect yourself.
    I am so sorry this happened to you when you are already dealing with health issues and job issues.Stay strong

  14. So you literally beat up a woman and you get praise for you. Yall are hypocrites. You’re still a man and when any other man/celebrity puts their hands on a woman you guys are disgusted and say “NO MAN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD PUT HIS HANDS ON A WOMAN.” smh. I’m starting to lose more and more respect for this site and its’ followers. If you had to hit her you obviously don’t have the physical strength to restrain her. Just because you’re gay does not excuse you from putting your hands on a woman. Remember this the next time yall wanna jump down a celebrity throat. Then you have the nerve to blog about it like you did some justice!!

      1. No where did I mention Chris Brown. Floyd Mayweather, Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, the rapper who was outed, have all hit women recently and the response of you and your followers is the same. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES do men hit women. I don’t care if she was an Olympic body builder and was hurling a 55 inch television at you. You call the police and have them escort them out of your house.

    1. @Toretto…unitl you have walked in someone’s shoes, you should not be so holier than thou. No one is “praising” him for hitting (or protecting himself from) the young lady…even though she tried to pull a knife on him. They’re praising him for putting her out after all that he did for her. It was an ungrateful person committing an ungrateful act against someone who looked out for her…WHEN OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS WOULDN’T. If you are a regular visitor to this site you would know that part. What Chris Brown did was a totally different aspect and/or situation…and homeboy put a serious beat down on Rihanna. Do you remember what her face looked like afterwards? Why shouldn’t people comment on something like that?! That wasn’t a situation where someone was trying to protect himself from a person attacking them, his was a situation where his anger got the best of him and he beat up the person. Chris has anger issues as well as bipolar tendencies…this situation is totally different and withour comparison.
      Again, no one praised him for hitting a young lady. And if you’re “losing respect for the site and its followers” then leave. You won’t be missed.

      1. Stop with the bullshit. I didn’t even mention Chris Brown and he isn’t the only man who has hit a woman jamari has blogged about. All of the “foxholes” comments about this issue in general is “REGARDLESS, A MAN SHOULDN’T HIT A WOMAN PERIOD.” It doesn’t matter how ungrateful she was he should’ve been put her ass out before it even go to this level. After her phone got cut off and she was smoking weed all day was when he should’ve kicked her ass out. You can’t be nice to everyone, even family. It’s well known family will fuck you over quicker than strangers. He doesn’t get a pass and I’m disgusted at all the PRAISE he’s getting for putting his hands on a female, regardless of the situation. Yall jumped down Ray Rice’s throat and Jamari should get the same. Just because he’s gay does not excuse him from something that, especially in the black community, is taught to us from day one.

      2. You need to chill ight. No one is praising him for hitting her. You are something else dude. You always ranting and shit. Click the damn x in the corner if you that bothered.

    2. Are you serious? Any woman comes at me with a weapon and she’s not getting handled with kid gloves.

      The fact the whole point of your comment was to defend a celebrity that is bipolar and has a long history of anger issues and violence make you sound even more pathetic.

      1. show me where I said Chris Brown…stop jumping to conclusions and trying to find shit to make your point valid. Floyd, Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, etc have been talked about on this site and the reaction is still the same.

  15. Wow. I so sorry to hear about this man. Haven’t been here in awhile. She deserved to be kicked out. Pulling a knife and shit and assaulting you, that warranted some sort of charges against her. Complete disrespect to someone who extended an olive branch to her.

  16. @Torretto…what would you do if a woman was coming at you with a knife/scissors? The man was protecting himself. If he was protecting himself, trying not to get knifed up, how does that constitute him being a batterer? The guys you mentioned all have a history of BEATING, not even hitting, the women in their lives. This situation comes nowhere even CLOSE to the caliber of those situations!
    And again, no one was PRAISING him for hitting her. He was receiving support for putting her ass out, which is what he SHOULD have done. If he was on here bragging that he hit her on a weekly/daily basis, yeah we probably would come hard at him…but that is not/was not the case.
    Seems like you’re reaching for something that isn’t there…with individuals who were in worse scenarios than this one.

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