Latinas Are Better At Money Than Black Girls? (Conceited Thinking)

YtF25-Hdeveryone meet conceited.
he is a (who?) rapper who is on mtv “wild ‘n’ out”.
he has a few mixtapes (never heard of him) under his career.
well as you know,
“black vs latino” topics are always “eek” worthy.
they go full tilt “shit show” when it involves black wolves dating latina vixens.
well he reposted this on his facebook and all hell broke loose…

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 10.34.47 PMtumblr_nobzm3bisi1u5bqmwo1_540well isn’t this great.
another “black vs latina vixen” argument.
how much fun!
funny enough that meme kinda slams both races of vixens.
there is no compliment there.
well one of the latina vixens,
by the name of “gina lopez”,
popped into comment box to post this gem:

29p8cv4“purple pussy?”
does gina know that latinas usually get dicked down hard by black wolves?
they tend to be:

pussy beat up
knocked up
cheated on for another model

…all by the same black wolves.
latinas usually fuck with “our” kind real heavy,
just like their latino menz on the low.

















gina might need to come out from under the rock she living under.
she gotta be from nebraska or some suburban shit.

lowkey: i don’t get all these minority “pussy” comparisons online.
who is better because of what race.
when a pineapple bored,

you and that pussy will still get cheated on.

picture taken: facebook

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Latinas Are Better At Money Than Black Girls? (Conceited Thinking)”

  1. I was offended by “Papi ju the best” that is such a stereotype. Plus a black woman can be a Latina too, so gotta be more specific but then again I already what type of Latinas they are talking about. But surprisingly enough I’m not that offended because I don’t consider myself as a Latino cause culturally speaking Puerto Rico can’t be compare with Honduras o Argentina

  2. An argument like that can’t be taken seriosuly, so idk why people get all up in arms when idiots say stuff like that. Latinas are better than Blacks?
    Its laughable, at best. There are good and people in all races, end of discussion lol

  3. Argument is stupid because Latino isn’t a race. There are thousands of Latina women who are of African descent like Joseline Hernandez from Love & Hip-Hop. This is just another way to perpetuate Light skin vs Dark skin. As if we don’t have enough of this “us vs them” mentality already. And I hope Spanish girls realize this meme is calling them cheap.

    1. ^ Agreed Zen!

      I wish people would just ignore brainless statements like that one, where they think the opinion actually has some substance to it.

      I find it so funny when people try to make a “us vs. them” type of argument, as if what their saying is reality. Its sad to have such a limited mind. I pity him. So conditioned, so typical, so brainless.
      Humans are humans, and skin colour is just a skin colour. It doesn’t actually mean anything in the grand scheme of things.

      And the amount of stereotypes used to back up his point is absurd. Just another excuse for one of our own to continuously perpetuate the negative stereotypes and false perceptions of what it means to be black and or from an latin ethnicity/heritage.
      Good for you unknown idiot “rapper”. Good for you. Keep supporting garbage like that, which destroys are community! Great job! lol

      1. Yep. Not to mention Gina Lopez going from zero to racist real quick. Which is very idiotic on her part considering Latin people come in all mixes. Black & White, Native American & White, Black & Native American, or a mix of all three like our Lindo up there. 😉

  4. You should never take anything of this nature seriously from anyone or anybody that refers to themself as being Spanish that are not from Spain. Do you hear other Non Britain english speakers calling themseleves English? Secondly, hispanic/latino ain’t a race, but a culture . Third, you wouldn’t have “Latina” without a woman named Ebony. And fourth, you are a special case to believe any part of this was a praise.

    1. @dev clap’s!!!! U hit the nail on the head and I get it the brotha meant no harm it was a joke but he should know better than to post or re-post anything on social media because people are looking for things to latch on to its pathetic and why “latina” women make such a concerted effort to separate themselves from us its truly pathetic its like that black in them fucks with them so much that they’ll do and say anything to convince themselves that they have nothing to do with blacks how sad.

  5. Maybe it’s because I’m black myself, but how can the descendants of a people that have experienced sooo much be so ignorant?

    The older I get the more displeased I become with the actions of the men that share skin color.

    We’re seeing the results of what happens when young people have no grasp of their history smh

    1. ^and then the “I don’t want to date black women” shit.
      i find that EXTREMELY disrespectful.
      even as a gay men,
      black women are so beautiful.
      I don’t get the need for some exotic hoe.
      one who looks like the last exotic hoe.
      it is very confusing and I need them all rounded up and exiled.

      1. This idea of wanting to date “an exotic hoe” stems from an ignorant and arrogant ego actually that later translates into some sort of self hate or piece of something someone desires that they believe they’re missing. Think about it, Black men want the “exotic hoe” because she is portrayed as being majestic, extraordinary and something the average nigga aka joe cannot get or obtain versus dating a blk woman who is prolific here in the states. It’s all in the psyche, something is off.

      2. They don’t want to talk about how colleges are filled with black women or how black women are corporate executives and running companies. No offense to Latinos women, but they’re not even in the game as far as education is concerned when compared to other races.

        In my opinion, every single problem in the African American community can be traced back to the men.

    2. Yea lately it seem like str8 AA men are getting more hateful towards AA women. It kinda weird tho.

      1. Why do other minorities like to put down black Americans all the while appropriating/mimicking our culture? From how we speak, style of dress, to the music we listen to. It perplexes me….if black people are this and that then keep your hands off our culture and embrace your own.

      2. Simple. Because we allow them to. We never put our foot down. Just look at Tom Hanks son claiming it’s his right to say the N word. Or the racist fraternity from awhile back singing about lynching a nigger. Just a week or so later, Waka Flaka was supposed to perform for them, and I bet had they not been exposed, every single one of them would’ve been taking pics with their arm around Waka cheesing and holding up gang signs like they’re about that life. It perplexes me too. If a high fashion designer makes a statement saying they don’t want blacks buying their clothes, why the hell do we still brag about owning Gucci, Prada, etc… It all comes back on us. Black men & black women put each other down just as much if not more than other minorities do.

      3. I agree with with Zen, also I think its because we’re not “unified” as a race. No one can take us seriously because well, for the case of the “n” word debate, some black people are okay with non-blacks using it in their presence, and some aren’t. In this case, if we want others to respect us, the onus is on us to set the example by not eliminating it from our vocabularies. I know many think its “taking back the power” of the word, but the effect is trivial in the long run. We have lost the “power” of the word and its thrown back into the white people’s hands, and now its okay for non-blacks to be pseudo-racists, or straight up racist IN OUR FACES because we allowed them to.
        The fact that were not unified about the context of the word, means that we can’t be taken serious because even WE dont know the significance of our decisions.

        Racism didn’t stop with the civil war but we as a collective acted as though it has.
        We have not properly taken our place in our societies as we should have, so we haven’t given the non-blacks any reason to not be racist or even change their minds about us. If anything, we just proved that we are what they say we are…
        They can take whatever they want from us because we don’t claim anything for our own until its being taken from us.

        To put it simply, we’re not respected because we don’t command respect.
        Idc if the idiot in the picture didnt even say it, he reposted it, which is the problem. Non-blacks who see this will cosign with him and act like they’re his friend, all the while they think of him the same way. A lesser being in society. How are we supposed to be taken seriously if were not active about boycotting these messages?

        We had our opportunity, and we dropped the ball. Our time was around the civil right movement ended. We had to strike, and we didnt (mostly our parent’s generation, depending on your age) We failed as a community and others see us as a failure. We have not proven them wrong and they have no reason to respect us until we get our shit together.

      4. You’re right about everything Dig. And notice we hardly ever see these types of memes circulating among other races. I’ve never seen Asians prop up a meme saying “I want a white (man/woman) because Asian (men/women) are meek.” The only ones who stay posting these “(insert other race) is better than a black (man/woman) because (blank.)” memes are black people. A family member of mine recently posted a similar meme on facebook then later claimed it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously after seeing the comments skyrocket from 4 to 5 to like 67. Gina Lopez’s colorist remark about black women’s vaginas also demonstrates why we shouldn’t be so quick to trust others. But at the same time, there are black people who make the same colorist comments. Just like you said, how can others respect us when we don’t respect ourselves.

      5. ^ Yes Zen! YES! That’s exactly what I was thinking about when I was writing that! Asian’s have had their fair deal of shit from white people, yet they are (for the most part) taken seriously by most of society, they are not a laughing stock because they make a name for themselves in their work ethic and values. They value their education as a culture as well! There are racist words used to describe them as well, but you don’t see us non-Asians running around saying these words to describe our Asian “homies” . Why? because its made clear that its disrespectful and NOT a joke/cool/cute or funny.

        ^This is EXACTLY how black people needed to be to diffuse and handle this situation, and PERHAPS we would be taken seriously in society, and collectively fall into a higher tax bracket. Its just a pipe dream now though.
        We just don’t take ourselves seriously enough. And if I’m being highly critical, not many black people use their brains, but complain when the world is turning on them.

        I feel like there are a few of us that are just a different breed. we were born with brains, and a real understanding of what it means to be a black person in its most hollistic sense.
        The other 98% (or so it seems) of blacks? Well they just live in a false perception of blackness created by whites in order to suppress us anyway so they can forever be in control of us…*sigh* I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees it this way lol. Sometimes i feel like I’m crazy rofl.

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