The Queens All Scream (Scream They All Do)

scream-queensi love slasher movies.
michael myers
mister ghostface
the dude from “valentine”
i like to see people running around aimlessly trying to find a killer.
they be playing the fuck outta snow bunnies in these movies.
well when i found out ryan murphy was coming out with a show,
that was based on the whole slasher movie genre,
i was like sign me up.
well the show is called “scream queens” and it will be on fox this fall.
it stars:

jamie lee curtis
emma roberts
lea michele
keke palmer
niecy nash
ariana grande

…and nick jonas.
lets hope shirtless.
they released the trailer for it and well…

you can already tell ariana grande is gonna get killed.
well if its anything like “american horror story”,
i’ll definitely allow it.
sadly with most ryan murphy shows,
they always start out strong and then go downhill fast.
i’m still trying to forgive him for “american story: freakshow”.

lowkey: emma roberts plays the perfect “bitch”,
don’t she?

tumblr_nl6hf0Y5j71qk08n1o1_500i love a good bitch.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “The Queens All Scream (Scream They All Do)”

  1. I’m really going to give this the benefit of the doubt. I’m not going to judge it early. butttt…

    For some strange unknown reason, Ryan Murphy and his team always, always, ALWAYS have a good idea, execute the beginning really well, but then it all goes to hell somewhere in the middle.

    Glee, both the season and the series overall, just lost its way, not middling but completely forgetting where it came from and then frantically trying to tie up its loose ends in some marginally satisfactory way.

    And then American Horror story, a show I truly enjoy. Each season kinda forgets itself. It hooks you but it struggles SO DAMN MUCH. Specifically the latter half of Coven which had such a good premise but it was then like plot points just evaporated, a lot of open content that’s never resolved and the fact that he clearly did not know how to properly end the series. Seriously, what happened to the minotaur and why did the zombies fail? And the baby plot needed a much better conclusion than that because wtf?

    Then you have Freak Show. God knows there was not a more appropriate theme for this series. What happened to it? Seriously. it got so bad, and just overall a mess. A huge mess. It almost felt that despite the fact you were tuning in each week, you would feel like you were losing mass quantities of information. And then the finale where they just decided that they needed to kill almost everyone of the main cast within the first 5 minutes just because____________? They did not know where they were going with it.

    I love the shows. I do. But i just need uniformity and a writing team that’s writing it together. I felt like everyone had gone their separate ways n worked on each episode without the faintest idea as to what the previous episode looked like apart from storyline- which the main one wasn’t even touched upon until the last few episodes. God damn it.

    And then the final season of glee. It literally undid any progress it made the previous season which was AMAZING and turned it into a caricature of itself. the first episode of the season literally concluded with them watching a show in which they were making fun of the previous two seasons in New York- two seasons which tried hard to give it back its legs.

    And then Sue became President of the USA.

    I honestly love Ryan Murphys creative mind. He really does have some great ideas. But the direction and the writing. He needs to get his stories a bit tighter. I honestly hope for the best with this series but statistically speaking, that’s very unlikely.

    I’m sorry this is long. I’m just saying.

      1. The second season in NYC- After she got her Broadway debut- it was really trying to be something. They were making adult decisions, they were becoming friends, they were living and learning that life really was not easy and the randomness of the previous NYC season kinda died down. it was starting to change into something much more legit.
        Then Finn passed away.

        I kid you not, the final season was like the scythe of death itself. It opened with allllll progress and storylines just being undone as she was fired and, for some STRANGE, reason I need logically examined, everyone moved back to Ohio.

        The show became a parody and i struggled to finish. I only did it just out of Nostalgia and shame, shame because I felt it really needed a friend when the creators were actively killing it.

        And the finale. good lord, Unbelievable happy endings for everyone. I was waiting for Rachel to wake up from a coma and realize it was all a dream.

        But, for what its worth, the second to last Episode “0” was actually pretty good. It was entirely a flashback which focused on Rachel and Kurt during the events of the first episode in the series. It felt like it went back to its roots for just a moment before reverting to musical theater fever dream it devolved into.

        I do wish him the best with this series tho. Just, please. Prove me wrong.

  2. It definitely looks interesting. I feel like Emma Roberts is a bitch in real life because she plays that role in everything! Lmao. I’m a huge fan of American Horror Story (though I disliked Freakshow) so I’ll check it out. Hopefully it’s good.

  3. I’ll check this out looks like fun, but I’ll be pissed if the one black female character dies first or that foolish crap. Ryan does have to get back in my good graces I couldn’t even get through AHS Freakshow which is a shame seeing as I LOVED Coven.

    PS: I know he also has American CRime Story coming out in the fall and the’re supposed to be recreating The People vs. Oj Simpson. With Cuba Gooding Jr playing OJ.

  4. I am not sure if you all remember a show called nip/tuck but if you do Ryan is actually created that show as well.

    P.S. you all are right Ryan and his team start out strong and then it all goes to shit.

    It’s like you can tell when they’ve abandoned a project.

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