Chris Brown Thinks His Stans Are D*ckheads?

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 6.48.00 PMso as you know,
chris brown has a temper.
well one of his super duper stans felt that temper today.
chrianna_x from instagram being the stan in question.
so this is the exchange between the both of them…











sheneneh-excuse-me-ono he dih’nt!
well this comes after his breakfast club interview on power 105.1.
chris said he was smashin’ both rihanna and kae without condoms.
he said a whole bunch of other shit,
but he basically implied rihanna won’t get anything better than him.
well as you can see,
the stan tried to give him a little tough love.
in return,
ended up blocking her life.
tumblr_nk8ie8W73z1qej93ko4_250his stan,
in full “cracked face” mode,
decided to post this:

11008271_799501106754431_27722685_nThank you for being the best idol ever @chrisbrownofficial you just called me a dick head, you blocked me. SEE WHAT YOU’VE DONE? YOU RUINED ME. I HOPE YOU CAN SEE MY TEARS, THEY’RE FOR YOU. ALL THE FUCKING TIMES I PRAYED FOR YOU, STOOD UP FOR YOU. THIS IS WHAT I GET? I’VE BEEN NOTHING BUT SUPPORTIVE. I TALK ABOUT YOU 24/7. now to find out you hate me… You just made my heart collapse into a million pieces. And yet I still love you. I can only hate myself for that. Thanks fave. Thanks to my idol who hates me. You were quick to comment last time. Can you do it now?

along with these other gems:

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 6.47.48 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 6.48.15 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 6.48.25 PMgiphyi won’t get on the stan too much.
she seems young.
we all had someone we looked up too.
hell stan for.
that was a little nasty of chris tho.
who does he think is buying this new album with tyga tomorrow?
he needs to unblock and personally apologize to that girl.
free tickets and a heavy meet and greet as well.
well he wanted team breezy to do his dirty work with this alleged tweet:

6306a813c1d7bb057b6a7de5367625e6too bad they ended up dragging…

lowkey: everyone expect ne-yo has gone full divo mode with their stans/fans.
and now chris.
what is happening with the world?

( x click here to watch his breakfast club interview )

tweets taken from: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Chris Brown Thinks His Stans Are D*ckheads?”

  1. Im sorry. Chris is in the same box as Kanye to me….. an empty unused box with no meaning for me. For me, both of their music is not that same, their attitude, the way they dress, they really changed and I was a very big fan of both. THE only asshole that can get away with this for me is MR. SEPTEMBER lmao

  2. That was a big dick move. Like real big! He might want to humble hisself quickly. ASAPish! He looks like a queen in that picture by the way. lol

  3. ONCE AGAIN he shows that he still needs to control his temper. True, there are people out there who will test you with the things they say, but this super-fan came at him from the heart, and his childish ass couldn’t handle the fact that what she was saying was true. Getting on the radio bragging that you’re bangin two chicks at the same time raw, may make you look big in the eyes of an IDIOT, but it doesn’t in the eyes of individuals that have common sense. He was putting his health, as well as that of Rihanna and Karrueche, at risk. But he’s too naive to see that.
    Chris is in self-destruct mode STILL, and until he realizes that, he will never get back to where he once was. He can do it, but it has to be something he wants, and he needs to remove the negative influences that are in his life. The hangers-on and so-called “friends” need to be shown the door. He needs to realize that you only get so many chances to say I’m sorry, before people start thinking you’re full of shit and stop believing you. Once that happens, he has no one to blame but Chris Brown.

  4. illuminati… Kayne South….lost his mind the moment he sold his momma out for fame and riches….all that glitters aint gold…theses boys is finding out the hard way…they know the only way out is…DEATH!!! ask Michael!!!

  5. I side eye anyone that stans for Chris Brown, Kanye West, or August Alsina anyway.

    All ya’ll obviously lack self esteem and good taste in music. Lol

      1. I mean they’ve always been around. Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Whitney, Mariah, and Janet all had them.

        Of course they didn’t have the social media back then so its more pervasive now.

        I get why Beyonce and Rihanna have stans. They’ve never really disrespected their fans through social media for no reason, nor do you hear stories about them being disrespectful in person.

        The people who stan for dudes like August and Chris who are KNOWN for being disrespectful in person and on social media are stupid for still giving them your hard earned money and continuing to pump their heads up and support bad behavior.

        They’re representing black men that are already stereotyped on a daily basis for no reason.

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