Chris Brown Thinks His Stans Are D*ckheads?

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 6.48.00 PMso as you know,
chris brown has a temper.
well one of his super duper stans felt that temper today.
chrianna_x from instagram being the stan in question.
so this is the exchange between the both of them…
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The Tales of Two Dickheads

Rottenecards_77478941_tq5dxqqpvjeveryone comes to me for advice.
i love helping people and as always,
my advice is spot on and should be used immediately.
the year is already starting off to some fuckery.
the gay world and dating is a hot mess,
but the straight world ain’t no better.
two vixens i am extremely close with called me about their woes with wolves.
during their stories,
i had to wonder…

Are men just idiots?

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