Charlie Sheen Got That Monster?

tumblr_louqli1Rsm1qllaj6o1_500lets try to remember him when he was attractive.
so in a bombshell that dropped earlier,
it was revealed that charlie sheen allegedly is hiv +.
this is what today had to report about it…

Charlie Sheen is expected to reveal that he is HIV positive in an interview Tuesday morning on the Today show, reports People and TMZ.

NBC News announced Monday that Sheen will make a “revealing personal announcement” in an exclusive, live sit-down interview on Tuesday with Matt Lauer, but did not provide further details.

A rep for Sheen has not responded to USA TODAY’s request for comment.

…he loves to troll the media,
but according to tmz,
he is hiv free:

Charlie Sheen has had HIV for years … but his position now is that he beat the disease because it’s undetectable in his system … TMZ has learned.

Our sources say Charlie has known for more than 2 years that he was HIV positive … and one source says he’s known way longer than that. We’re told Charlie was taking meds for the HIV and has had a series of blood tests, and over time, the virus has been “undetectable” in his system.

We’re told Charlie freely admits he’s had scores of sexual partners over the years, many of whom had intimate relations with him after his diagnosis. The implication here is clear … Charlie is saying he didn’t deceive anyone, since the blood tests did not reveal the presence of HIV. 

Doctors beg to differ and say once someone has HIV they have it for life, at least until medicine advances.

well i guess because he has that tiger’s blood in his system.
tumblr_lhzl5q8NsR1qb9zu8o1_500…too soon?
well we all know charlie is a mess.
a disrespectful hot ass bat shit crazy mess,
but i’m not really shocked tonight if this is true.
call me heartless,
but its just some jackals in life you can’t be too “gasp” about.
its like finding out the biggest hoe on the block has hiv.
you like a fast life and you gotta crash at some point.
i do feel sorry for his family tho.
they had to put up with a lot from him.
lowkey: i guess that ( x blind item ) 2 weeks ago was right…

articles taken: tmz | people

12 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen Got That Monster?

  1. Yea, I am not surprised. There was a blind item that circulated about this weeks ago, I automatically knew it was him. This man has had troubles with drugs and behavioral problems. He needs to get it together and stop being so reckless. They say he sleeps with transsexuals and men as well.

    I must admit, I am glad it is not one of us. White America hates Hollywood scandals like these, especially when it involves a high profile person. This man once had a successful career.

    1. ^omg man!
      its a messy snow wolf i’m sure they’re going to turn into the messiah.

      now whats this i hear he was fuckin’ some other actor named corey feldman?

      1. That name is relevant tho. I did read that Feldman wrote a book regarding an big actor who molested a now deceased actor named Corey Haim on the set of a movie during the 80’s. Charlie Sheen was in that movie, and he and Feldman are not on good terms from what I’ve read.

  2. He is not HIV free.A person with an undetectable viral load in their blood can have a higher viral load in their sexual fluids like semen,vaginal or anal secretions.He is not cured of HIV.Magic Johnson has stated he is undetectable yet he can still transmit the virus that’s why he and Cookie take precautions

      1. Really? Well I got my information the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases.Feel free to have unprotected sex with a partner with an undetectable viral load if you think it is safe,Boo.

    1. No one is stating that he is HIV free. Having a undetectable viral load means their are less than 20 copies of the virus in 1 ml of blood. So no, you cannot have a high viral load in your seminal fluid along with a undetectable viral load in your blood. There will always be a chance that it may be transmitted, but those chances are very slim. Those statistics are mostly from serodiscordant couples by the way.

  3. Some of these hoes who live on the hookup apps 24/7 could use this as a wake up call. It’s not everyday go and screw the whole world lol

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