“carpool karen” thought she could drop the “n” bomb because we say it

i wrote on twitter ^that’s when karen knew she fucked up.
she didn’t realize the sista behind the camera was coming with the fury.
one thing i love about black folks is we fight back.
well some of us.
when ^that karen cut off this sista,
and then had the nerve to call her a “n*gger”,
you know it was on.
this following video had so much to unpack

in her cries,
i heard her ancestors wailing in dismay for their sins.
the shrieks were so intense,
she couldn’t stop apologizing for every racist in her elk.
she said she is “fed up” and “sick of this shit”.
well guess what karen!?

i love how she said “we call each other that all the time“.
even tho the whole word needs to be thrown in the trash,
karen didn’t call that sista a “n*gger” from a place of love.

i can only imagine the bottle of gin that karen is gonna consume.
good thing for her,
she won’t see the full extent of the dragging.
that video was viewed 2.6 million times on twitter.
karen probably doesn’t know how to work anything else but facebook.

lowkey: and where is karen’s mask?!?!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on ““carpool karen” thought she could drop the “n” bomb because we say it”

  1. Oof. Yasssssss Girllll!!! 👏👏👏 Love to see it. Love to see it oh so fucking very much. But bruh…it is ALARMING to see the acting skills of white people (especially the females). Sis really put on a whole Sophie’s Choice performance. Mad calculating too. Shorty waited until she got to the station to start playing victim. My hatred for them honestly grows more and more each day.

  2. That was dumb. Lol
    Call someone a derogatory word and drive to the police station…fuh whet?!

    Dumb as hell.

  3. You know, at first I was disappointed not seeing racist getting dragged (physically) I’ve had a change of heart, I actually am here for exposing them on camera this way, this is the best way to get them back, by playing their game. They expect us to get out of character, which is why even when they’re the aggressor, they still run to the po po, to have backup just in case that ass gets tapped. Ya can’t lie, when I’m recording you bitch.

  4. She let Karen have it and I said the same thing, where is her mask at. She said she tired of the looting, bitch I’m scared to get shot because I’m black.

  5. All these Karens of the world are gonna learn not to mess with the alliance in the world that will drag them and get them fired from their job and or get beat up!

  6. Maybe we need a national nigger day. A day for white people to just let all out. “Just say it. It won’t change my opinion of you. Just let it out. I know you want to say it deep down in your soul.”

    I think some young white males would actually suffocate though. They’d say it so much they’d forget to breathe.

  7. I’m so done with them and their f’cked up country, honestly. When Miss Rona pooches on, I’m continuing my plans to leave this country for good. So much more opportunities for black people elsewhere. This place can burn to the ground for all I care…

  8. That was no hate crime. Saying the N word doesn’t qualify as a hate crime. In Chicago you’re more likely to get shot by your own people than by the police so please stop it with the police have a bullseye on me crap. Give this racism stuff a rest please. As a black officer I can tell you, black people are out Here committing some serious crimes against each other. Some stuff you wouldn’t believe. So it’s mid boggling how blacks cry out for justice but are stabbing each other in back. And the ones screaming for justice and protesting and rioting are the same ones committing black on black crime.

      1. He’s moving to end gay couples from being able to adopt, but this snow bunny is obsessed with us.

    1. That mindset is what wrong with many police officers. Crime is crime. There isn’t “black on black” crime. Because people don’t ever say white on white crime, asian on Asian crime. Crime is crime and when you only single out one group of people it changes the perception of those people. It’s because people like you who want to spread this narrative that black people are dangerous, you have nonblack people afraid of us. Black people commit crimes, white people commit crimes, what’s your point?
      Your point should be that police in Chicago are apparently ineffective at stopping crime, so there needs to a big change. The answer isn’t more policing because that doesn’t work.

      People love to ignore black people’s suffering and pain. You are a police officer in Chicago, why not talk about the poverty, lack of quality schooling, and lack of economic opportunities.
      but want to spotlight black people for negative things. Black people are rioting and white people are rioting. More Black people are peacefully protesting.

      I am sure you mean well as an officer, but the police need to change their mindset, training, transparency, and oversight.

    2. Hey Snow Bunny! Is that a derogatory term like Karen? Y’all want so bad to be oppressed. A Black trans woman is in more danger than you getting beat up by the popper roid rage butch queens you think are straight who get mad when you try to out them.

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