meet your newest tv bachelor obsession: matt james

i’ve never watched “abc’s the bachelor” a day in my life.
it never sparked my interest.
i would always say to myself:

“They would never have a black person on this show.”

i ended up being wrong because they had a sista on there before.
her name is rachel lindsay and of course,
she picked a white male because i doubt abc would have an all black cast.

see her ig: here

well today,
in what i feel is “trying to cater to the times“,
they casted a black male for their new season.
everyone meet matt james


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🐸☕️ . . 📸: @brownbearvisuals

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Run it

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do you see how he is staring down that reporter?

he is cute tho.
if he was “one of my peoples” and tried to get at me,
i wouldn’t turn him down.
he is handsome and his lean bawdy is delicious:

his eyes scream that he prefers white vixens tho.

you can just feel it in his energy.
you know they are gonna have about 4 black vixens on that cast.
anything more reaches mtv/vh-1/we-tv dating show status.
he’s biracial so i guess it would make sense tbh:


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Happy Birthday Mama 🐼❤️ . . . Proverbs 22:6 🙌🏽

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…along with if you go through his ig,
you can get an idea of who he is and likes.

even though this is very see through with abc,
i still won’t be tuning in.
i’ll watch the highlights tho.

pictures cc: matt james

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “meet your newest tv bachelor obsession: matt james”

  1. His looks vary from pic-to-pic. Like his promo picture he isn’t all that attractive to me, then his insta he’s looking fire, and it shifts back n forth.

    He’s cute tho, but feel I see a lot of guys like him on the daily. He looks focused/professional yet playful which is sexy!

  2. Something about the way he speaks irks me. Does nothing for me 🤷🏽‍♂️ My guess is that he would definitely prefer a white woman because of the social circle aspect.

  3. A “safe” black man. Watch him pick a white woman and get married to her – without staying engaged for years like the others – with the quickness. I’m calling it already.

  4. Just gotta say that Rachel did pick a white man and they didn’t work out. Her husband (pictured above) is actually Colombian. But I see what you’re trying to say.

      1. Jamari, that is incorrect. I went to her IG and Rachel is actually MARRIED to the man she chose on the show(pictured above).

        1. Yeah Caz is right. In the name of being thorough, Rachel is married to her number 1 pick. She rejected the man most of America liked, a white man there to promote his personal training business. Turns out her lawyer skills worked out because it later came out that he wasn’t attracted to Black Women either. ABC also selected Black men who don’t date Black Women and put a racist on her season. Her husband, a Caucasian Colombian chiropractor, came on the show specifically for her.

  5. He’s one of those biracial boys who grew up with a white mom so he’s culturally white. He’ll pick Becky. He’d pick Tyler Cameron if he could he’s such a groupie.

      1. Right!!!!! I was gonna say!! Who gonna tell ha! Lmao. Lookin like Montgomery from Sean Cody he messed around with one of them white boys the jeans say it all….

  6. This is one of the biracial kids who grew up around mostly white kids. Any of his black friends are probably from middle-class or well-to-do families. Becky lovers unite!
    They need to hurry up and cancel this BS show.

  7. I honestly thought you were gonna say he’s some gay socialite coz he looks it. The pics with the white dude literally looks like the basic attractive couple holiday photo shoot.

  8. See, y’all done sat up here and got me in my feelings…

    Some of these comments are problematic af. Y’all be the first to yap about “blackness isn’t a monolith,” yet, y’all talking about this black-passing biracial man’s speech and mannerisms. I can’t with some of y’all and your policing of blackness (even on a biracial man). Before I got to college and became more “black,” I grew up in PWIs (e.g., church, social events, school, etc.) and was the “black friend” racist whites used to prove they weren’t racist. I talked and acted “white” like Matt because that’s all I was around. How do y’all know for certain he’s not into black women? Because he’s culturally white…??? I grew up “culturally white” too and have always been attracted to other black dudes. So, y’all leave this man alone…

  9. “his eyes scream that he prefers white vixens tho.”

    I think he has eyes for his BFF Tyler because Tyler sure does.

  10. His mouth has all of his “tells”. He was constantly biting his lips which meant he was lying, and he licked his lips after saying that white boys name which means they fukkin. Or he at least wants too. The subliminal mind will tell all your secrets if you know what to look for. wink

  11. Attractive ✔️…….However it’s The Bachelor…..I’m good. The premise of this show has always been ridiculous to me. But I’ll add this, it took racial unrest to get a Black Bachelor…….like Black men were just discovered? insert eyeroll here 🙄 I am sure they’ll have white girls twerking and we’ll find out he loves country music or something that makes him some other acceptable negro to the white masses.IDK….le sigh lol rant over lol

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