face, biceps, and the cheeks… those things are never invisible to me, man.

the first things i notice in anyone i’m attracted to:

The Cheeks

…and not all the time in that order.
i usually scan the facial,
biceps can be seen in most tight shirts,
and depending on the type of pants,
his cheeks can be in full display.
what’s cums inside his pants is always a good or disappointing surprise.
so i decided to take a break from the world today.
i’ve been emotionally exhausted just off this week alone.
i decided to take in a movie to relax.

The Invisible Man was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

it had me on the edge of my seat.
aldis hodge,
one of my favorite up and coming black acting wolves right now,
is one of the stars on the movie.
he pushed me to watch the movie tbh.
oh course,
i noticed his face

but then he made me came with the biceps


…and can we talk about the nicely packed and plump tail in his work slacks?

the director knew what they were doing in ^that shot.
they knew the reaction by putting him in those slacks.
they highlighted all the physcials i love in a wolf so i could enjoy the movie.
i’m thanking them for making aldis and his bawdy the standout star.
elizabeth moss and storm reid did their thing too.
check out “the invisible man” for 5.99 on all streaming platforms.

low-key: even in this deleted scene…

do you see the curve on that cake?

15 thoughts on “face, biceps, and the cheeks… those things are never invisible to me, man.

  1. Good modern twist on an old classic!!!! Made me go back and watch “Sleeping With the Enemy”.

  2. Now this! Is who shoulda played black panther. And put Jodie turner smith for storm and we good good.

  3. I first remember seeing him on “Girlfriends” when he appeared on the show as Lynn’s brother wanting to get in a band. Then he was on a preview pilot episode of “The Game” on another Girlfriends episode.

  4. Yes cute good looking and everything but I rather check out his attitude and how he treats people.

  5. I feel u on your man check list only I would add pecs before biceps or maybe make them equal Their package size doesnt matter if they have a muscled body

  6. He is s9 fine, I can’t wait till I get me a man! It’s coming soon! I can feel it. So many signs

  7. Well Jamari baby he bared it all in the show Underground a couple times & I’ve been enamored ever since! From what I’ve seen in interviews very down to earth and humble.

    1. Underground was so good. It was like Prison Break but set in slavery times. Yeah lots of eye candy with the leads on that show. WGN unfortunately got rid of all the shows they had.

      1. I loved the show Underground and actually had a chance to meet the cast (including Aldis) when they visited my city during a promo trek. He was very nice and just as handsome in person.

  8. I have had a thing for him since he was on “Leverage” back in 2008. He gets sexier every year.

    1. LMFAO. Me too. #Hardison. I was so surprised when he did nude scene on The Underground. His brother, Edwin is cute too.

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