derek jr is straight (for the 50th time, he has to remind ya’ll…)

so derek jr is fed up!
fed tf up with ya’ll assuming he is gay or bi.
he tole ya’ll before he is straight,
but just likes to eat vixen tail every now and… now,
pretty much.
can i tell ya’ll how much i love an ig press release?
derek had to put one out to remind ya’ll of his sexuality…


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Take y’all time reading this and let it sink in.

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for those who can’t see it:

did someone provoke him recently?
where (and why) did this need to be said?
some straights like to poke the bear as far as someone’s sexuality.
if someone is different,
he is automatically labelled gay.
he has to go prove he is “straight” so everyone can stop whispering.
i’ve been labelled “gay” and dudes i was cool with distanced themselves.
more often than not,
those dudes were trying to find their way inside my butt cheeks so…

in my gaming group,
one of my other friends is gay.
he is latino and says the most off the wall shit to the straights in it.
all the other males in the group are white,
and married.
we’ll be playing and he’ll say:

“You better cum over here and heal me.” – him

I’m gonna cum in and heal those butt cheeks.” – one of the straights in the group

i stay goingoh wow because it’s interesting to hear.
i’m usually blown away because they don’t care.
they know when to stop,
but they don’t get all uptight.
i’ve noticed some “others” are more comfortable in sexuality than some black ones.
if i was to joke around like that with a straight black male,
he would send me a 15 page dissertation on why he’s straight.
if a black vixen was to hear that banter,
she would assume we are both fuckin’ and spread that rumor.
if she was to observe other races joking around like that,
it’s “okay“.

i think derek’s mystery lies on if he is gay or bi.
he is sexy and so is mystery.

celebs don’t explain anything unless they’re getting dragged for it.
i appreciate him saying some of the realest have been gay or bi males.
he is right.
at least he got to know us before he cast judgment on most of us.
we come in peace.

lowkey: a lot of homophobia stems from others stupidity.
these straights put their homophobia to the side when one of us has power tho.

30 thoughts on “derek jr is straight (for the 50th time, he has to remind ya’ll…)

  1. If a man claims he is straight, take his word for it. Either he secretly is and he is rejecting you or he is being honest. As for the messages he gets, I believe the messages are probably a bit much because people are extremely thirsty.

  2. I forgot to mention I have follow his close friend Steven Beck and people are often in his comments calling him gay or asking about his sexual orientation.He never confirms or denies it and he always stays calm,rarely clapbacks even when they say inappropriate stuff.I have told him before that I respect him for staying positive when dealing with negative people.

      1. Before Demetrius posted the video saying he was attracted to men and women, I would often see him get angry and sometimes curse at people who called him gay or questioned his sexuality.He would delete comments and block people who asked him about his sexuality.He actually deleted one of my comments about 3 years ago because he thought I was implying he was gay.When I noticed, I sent him a DM and explained the comment because I didn’t want him to think I was trying to out him.

        Regarding Steven I was simply saying I have never seen him deny that he was gay/bi when people in the comments mention it .He doesn’t get angry or delete the gay comments.I have actually seen him “like” and “reply” to comments from women who call him gay as long as there not anti gay comments🙂.

  3. He probably posted this because 4 days ago a site called Hollywood Unlocked posted some pics and videos of him as part of their Smash or Pass feature.There were over 800 comments,most of them from black woman(based on profile pics),about 90% of the comments said Pass.Most of the comments said he was gay,DL,in the closet,etc a small percentage said he was narcissistic.

    I’m guessing some of the people from Hollywood Unlocked went to his page or his DMs and asked if he was gay.Whenever they post a Smash or Pass of an attractive guy most of the comments mention or ask, Is the guy gay? I think partly because the site is run by an openly gay blogger named Jason Lee. But also because SOME black women think every black man is gay except “their man” 😂

    1. @YColette Good to hear from you, I was wondering where you’ve been. Welcome back!

      1. Thank you ❤.I didn’t realize I hadn’t commented in a minute.I send DMs to Jamari often but forget to comment here 🙂.

  4. This man is the reason why I’m building up my pectoral area. I just be staring at his titties like DAMN!

  5. I never could understand why some people get so invested in others sexual preferences, if it doesn’t involve me personally I could care less. And why explain yourself to anyone, I used to get upset when things were said about me, the same guys that talk about you most usually want to get with you. If you’re gay, the truth will come out eventually, your actions speak louder than words.

  6. In other words he uses gay men to stroke his ego and this makes straight females uncomfortable so he has to put out regular press releases . Just say, “I love attention. Ladies look at how we straight men treat you when we want some pussy. You lead us on because you like the attention. That’s how gay men treat me. I’m not gonna give them some dick or ass but I love the attention.”

    Also what book is that, please tell me that’s not the Quran.

  7. That’s why it confuses me when gay men try to act above heterosexual ones like they don’t treat men the same way straight men treat women.

    In my experience homophobia is no where near as bad as it was years ago with black men.

    1. ^i find the ones who are dl are the ones who are scared everyone will find out and expose them.

      i know plenty of straight wolves who know/suspect i’m gay and don’t gaf.
      those are the ones i hood close compared to the dummies

      1. Come on Jamari…suspect your gay lol
        I think it’s obvious you are very very gay.
        You gays get me with this bull-shit.
        It’s like you have a sign on 24/7 that says “Hey I’m Gay” lol
        I’m a masculine man. Yes I am gay but not a obvious gay like you. End of that story.

        1. Masc men talk about being masc? You sound like a “Ladies Only” type and you actually roasted yourself. I’m sure if we saw a pic we’d know you were obviously gay.

          Jamari has an intellectual, nerdy demeanor and many know that’s not enough to assume sexuality.

        2. @realtalkrich Actually a lot of dudes DONT know when your gay unless you have “stereotypical” mannerisms or serious gay lisp, there’s been times at work when I knew a fellow gay co-worker was gay (We know how to spot each other) but in the break room straight dudes were discussing if he was trying to “get with” a female co-worker they saw him always talking to, and to myself I’m like “please, that man is gay, that’s just his good-girlfriend at work lol” so they actually DONT be knowing, again unless your just OUT there with it, and I don’t think Jamari carries himself like that to where you “JUST KNOW” now I’m sure WOMEN pick up on it quick, but honestly straight men are dense and hella easy to fool

  8. We live in a world where we “feel” everything has to be explain because of social media.
    I look at it this way, if you’re not paying my bills…Then f**k off!
    He is a handsome dude with a hot body, so the question will always come up…is he gay or bi…if he is not posting pics with him and a female smh.
    Then when you have Steven Beck “straight dude” posting support it’s like okaaaaay lol.
    Just saying 😉

  9. LMFAOOOOOO! I’m on the train crying. Jamari said “oh wow” 😂😂😂😂 That be me when I’m at work and I be hearing the banter between my fellow gay coworker and my straight one (who is sexy af btw). Very eyebrow raising convos. But, yeah I guess males who are comfortable with their sexuality don’t mind play flirting because it just doesn’t bother them. Well that and 9/10 they down with the get down.

    1. ^i legit say oh wowwwwww!

      i find dl and curious males flirt with me because they are trying it get some cheeks.
      the straights don’t do it to me like they do my gay friend.
      even he doesn’t flirt with me like that.

  10. Girl it’s not just the people you hanging around which compromises mostly gay and DL men but it’s your questionable actions. The fact that he even had speak on it and start attacking women says a lot.

  11. I know it wasn’t intentional but its funny that one of the first to comment was steven beck decepticon self.

    1. you’re hilarious!!! decepticon?!?!? if this doesn’t apply to Steven Beck; then surely nothing else does! lmfao!

  12. Suraqah Shabazz had to do the same thing recently in a video telling the men to stop sending him dick and ass video. He said when he open them up, his kids tend to be nearby looking at his phone and they be mortified. So he had to tell the followers to stop and or be block. He got nothing against the gays, so he’s cool with us but for those other gays, he’s fed up with them.

    1. ^omg when people do that shit,
      it drives me crazy.
      no hello or how are you.
      just sending your dick,
      or pussy.

      who raised these people?
      barn animals?

      1. They just don’t have any decorum! They are just sex craze maniacs! They don’t know how to take a no, gay or straight men when they tell you no!

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