Black Women Don’t Deserved To Be Loved


i was trying to go get my hair cut,
but an f-bi just sent me this youtube production.
“black women don’t deserved to be loved”.
harsh ass tile with a sexy ass wolf to boot.
i can spare a few minute for some meat.
he’s in i’m in…

The first episode for “Black Women Don’t Deserve to be Loved”. In this episode we meet Candy and Malikk, a couple that are co-dependent on each other. Malikk is financially dependent on Candy and Candy needs to be needed by Malikk, regardless of how he treats her.

i’m mad at the text tho:

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 11.05.42 AM

condom…. on the ceiling fan?

x watch the rest here

yes foxes.
i know what you are wondering about.
the wolf in the video.
his is name is carlis davis.
he has another youtube series he has appeared in:

…and he has completely vanished online.
no pictures whatsoever.
he musta been arrested or deported.
either way:

x his youtube channel

Author: jamari fox

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