A Barbie Head Is Sitting On A Spike Today (Remy Ma)

this escalated quickkkkkkkkkkkk.
so remy ma went IN on nicki minaj on a diss track today.
6 months.
the song is called “shETHER” and well…


who she fucked
her flops
how she turned on her day 1s
her 360 deal
ghost writing

her alleged child molesting brother
her fake ass

nicki needed this tho.
her stank attitude needed this.
remy ma just gave her what she needed.
well nicki responded in the wackest way possible:

she does realize her music has flopped too…
and then this:

beyonce can’t save your ass.
she need to get in the studio and with an answer to that ether.
this is what hiphop is.
i feel remy will come even harder tho:

jay tried and failed when nas did it:

the thing with these kind of battles tho,
if even though nas won the battle,
he still ended up losing.
jay is still making moves,
married the hottest chick in the game,
and acquiring a lot of business deals.
he is still popular out the two.
the problem with nicki is her nasty attitude.
people been wanting to see her go down for a minute.
she beefed with folks who didn’t deserve it.
this is probably her much needed karma.
you’re up.

lowkey: nicki been taking so much L these days.
did she get the root put on her?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “A Barbie Head Is Sitting On A Spike Today (Remy Ma)”

  1. I still think Takeover is better, don’t argue with me!!!!! lol But damn remy went hard tho. But i don’t really think nicki is that disrespectfull, i mean she ain’t doing nothing more than what male rappers are doing. Anyway let’s enjoy this, even tho all these beefs are super childish i love drama 😀

  2. she said “who you trying to be cookie?” OMMMMGGGG! Remy dragged the fuck outta Nicki. But yeah, this won’t hurt Nicki too much. These days it’s all about popularity and Nicki is more popular than Remy so nothing will happen over this.

  3. I’ll still take Nas over camel face any day. He’s OVERRATED like his fake blonde bimbo wife. As for Nicki girl just surrender you CAN’T do nothin with Remy. You’re NOT about that life and NEVER have been. So take several seats.

  4. Well Damn, been seeing this on various social media but been doing other things today, didnt really take the time to see what this all about but Remy has served Nikki M notice that she is not here for the Fukk Shit today. Wow this remind me of old school Hip Hop, sadly none of these new kids are probably going to bat a eye and still think Nikki is there Queen, but Remy laid her out to rest, and its nothing but Chicken Bones left after the Repass.

    As for Nas, he may not be on the scene but he is still paid, he has a Venture Capital Firm, something that Jay-Z announced on last week he was getting into. Nas is out here making quiet Ninja moves making real money just like Jay but not in the spotlight as heavy. His diss track still stands as one of the best of all times.

  5. What you talking about Nas losing? He is very much a quiet mogul. Yeah he don’t have his own streaming service but trust Nas is definitely getting paper. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/02/06/nas-is-likehalf-man-half-venture-capitalist.html You need to google him and what he is doing lately. As for the diss I am sure Lil Kim somewhere trying to smile through all that plastic and botox in her face! Personally I think there is more money in them working together than against each other. It only a very small number of women in the mainstream of the industry and an even smaller number when we are talking about female rapper. They need to shit on the men cause in all honesty they both could rap circles around most the flyby night ones.

  6. Nicki is going to lay low for awhile. The reason Nicki’s show with abc was cancelled was because of the lawsuit with her brother. The timing was so odd. I mean her filming this show on a kids network and all news about her brother being a pedo comes out. I really do believe someone put a root on her. With the business she’s in I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Anywho Moonlight comes out on dvd tuesday already preordered my copy.😎

  7. I love Nicki, but she just started something she’s not going to be able to finish. Remy going through some shit too, she can’t do anything but channel that into bars right now.

    What I like about Remy is that she didn’t get out and go at Nicki the first chance she got, she would have seemed like a hater trying to get attention. She waited for Nicki to get slick then diced her up, handled that shit like a pro

  8. Heard it Remy did her thing but in my opinion though it’s not her best work…it’s not going to change anything. In a week or two folks will be over it…Hip-Hop has been commercialized for decades now beef don’t do nothing but make black folks get happy or creates buzz in the streets…White people, who are the main population who buys Hip-Hop, ain’t checking for beefs…it’s about albums now music…Remy went in and dragged her but i need Remy to LEAVE love and Hip-Hop because no artist on that show has a successful career and i need her to go hard on everything to take her career to the next level..At the end of the day this BUSINESS is about BUSINESS making money. You can spit bars all day but if you ain’t selling guess what you’re not making a profit. Why cant females make money together in 2017?. EVERY FEMALE that’s relevant and had platinum selling hits worked together Missy, Eve, Lil Kim, Trina, Da Brat making bread together, doing guess features, etc. Even when Eve was on Angie Martinez she said ‘People want to be mad at Nicki but you can’t I’m glad she’s doing her thing there’s really no female rappers out I’m proud of her’. I just feel like females entertainers always beefing and that’s why theyre losing in the industry they can’t be strategic and unite…You very seldom hear about mainstream male artists having a real beef. They out here making millions with like ten niggas deep on a track, meanwhile female rappers beefing over tracks about who slept with who who’s ass is fake, etc. I guess I’m just more so stimulated by different types of rapping and lyrical content, the whole i’ll fuck you up gangsta mentality is DEAD.. I’m a fan of both women, have supported them both Nicki and Remy but this beef is kinda *yawn* boring & overrated. Lastly in respect NAS Remy shouldn’t have compared this to Ether…NEVER

    1. I think it goes back to what Jamari said about Nicki and her attitude. She acts like she loves other female rappers and she doesn’t. She ALWAYS wanted to be number one and the ONLY one. I believe that Nicki wouldn’t of been successful as she is if Remy’s career wasn’t interrupted by her going to jail. Nicki is more mainstream with the pop tart records and more marketable, but still. I’m glad Remy did the track because Nicki needed to be humbled. For me, Remy is the best female rapper out right now besides Young MA, and being the best awards and money shouldn’t factor into it. It should be about talent.

      1. Nicki would still have been popular even if remy never went to jail. Remember remy has had a number 1 song before (Lean back) and her album with fat joe still flopped and then her solo album flopped as well. I actually purchased that floppy disk and loved it.

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