Baller Wolf, Cam Newton, Killed A Zebra

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.00.30 PMnfl baller wolf of the carolina panthers,
cam newton,
has always had interesting baller wolf swagg.
so when an f-bi sent me him in these pants


…i had to ask myself should i even be surprised?


┬áhe wore his ( x sunday’s best ) in a past entry,
for god sakes.
zebra skin pants should not make us gasp.

lowkey: i would never.
it took me a minute to even embrace long shirts.

another lowkey: am i the only one…
that “keep pounding” hashtag for ( x the panthers )…
am i the only one who had nasty thoughts?
or is it just me?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Baller Wolf, Cam Newton, Killed A Zebra”

  1. I’ve seen a few different pictures of him in the outfit, but no back or side profile shots? So disappointing lol.

  2. Okay that #KeepPounding with a foto of those fine ass wolves in the suit. Let me just say if there was ever a time for me to be a thot this would be it. I wouldn’t mind to be in an orgy, but I have to be the main course, of course. I can take two at a time… meaning my mouth and bootyhole, but I will be willing to try to take two in my bootyhole

  3. I’ll allow it , I like seeing men have fun with fashion. They look like Versace from a couple seasons ago (I kinda like how he styled them , Dontella probably would have shown it with a similar print shirt)

  4. Not trying bash Mr cam Newton. But there’s something fraudulent about him. It’s weird every time I see him I just see fake.

  5. As I’ve said maaaaany of times regarding his, imho, AWFUL fashion choices: “No sir….no ma’am”….

    There’s jus’ sumn about this dude that irks me and I jus can’t get on board with…I mean he’s conventionally “attractive” per se, nice body ‘n all…but, every time I see his face I wanna punch it…and like a comment above, there is somethin’ fraudulent about him…same way I feel about Mayweather, but I know I’ll always come off as a “hater” so I’ma leave it all alone….

    1. …I think it also has a lot to do w/ some questionable/sketchy events that occurred durin’ his collegiate years that has me feelin a certain kinda way bout ’em too…*shrugs*

  6. Yea, those pants are not the business, but Cam is tho lol.

    People who are judging his past need to have a seat, I am just saying. The thing is, we all have a past or have done something we are not proud of. I have a past, even though I have not been judged, I could not imagine what it would be like for someone to bring up incidents that happened nearly a decade ago. Really? The same goes with people who bring up an old beef. Life goes on, let it go That is the thing with our people at times, we never let the smallest things go and judge a persons character over isolated incidents. That laptop incident from college is old, he has been in the league five years now alone, like stop.

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