Azealia Banks Wants Your Sympathy Votes

tumblr_ncrqvlo2ns1sb91y1o2_r1_1280…and her saga definitely continues.
this is the perfect example of karma if  ever saw it.
so azealia banks is on tour
the “please believe me!” sympathy tour.
as you know,
she was in a situation with russell crowe and a very random rza.
she claims she was called a “pineapple” and spit on by russell crowe at a top hollywood party.
russell crowe and rza have different claims.
she sat down with “access hollywood” to tell her side of the story…

ce55ee4a-3731-4b00-8d87-8fa224aa31e3she sounds like a legit dominican/rican.
that is neither here nor there.
this is my thoughts on what i think allegedly happened:

she was allegedly brought in an escort with some top hollywood dogs.
why is she even at this random party in the first place?
rza just helped this she-hyena,
with her reputation,
out of the kindness of his own heart?
she met another highly unstable jackal by the name of russell crowe.
she showed her ass.
he showed his.
shit happened and she learned she ain’t that tough.

i can believe the incidents allegedly happened,
but this was the alleged end result.

…sounds about right?

the issue is that she has already burned all her bridges,
showed everyone her entire tail,
and now no one particularly cares what has happened to her.
she paved the way for all this karma to happen.
in this interview,
she also made herself look foolish.

she is crying,
but still magician to curse?
she goes to a party by said owner,
but disrespects the owner by demeaning his career?
why did she not just leave?

why is she fighting some random in this party?
why do all that when you could leave and call the whole thing an “L”?

“oh this fucks up your seat at the table with these snow wolves”…
why did she say that?


i see no one prepped her for this interview.
the crying was a nice touch tho.
her problem is that when those who don’t know her go to do a background check,
they will see all her past antics laid out as examples to her un-stableness.
in the end,
if no one cares to believe her side,
she fucked her reputation up and has no one to blame but herself.
i believe some of her story,
but she lost me a long time ago.
she needs to leave this hollywood thing alone before she ends up dead.
when you start messing with powerful jackals,
they can and will shut your ass up forever.
ain’t that right…

i hope she is able to find her way and get some kind of win.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Azealia Banks Wants Your Sympathy Votes”

  1. This is a typical case of the bully meeting his match and now trying to play the victim..Rza had put out a statement with a play by play of how things went down ..I more likely to believe him than her ..she’s just a lost cause ..the sad thing is that she has some really good music I loved 212 and some of the joints on her Fantasea mixtape ..what a waste

      1. Jamari,

        I am gone have to agree with you on this one, because some of the stories about RZA and Russell (hopefully not true), will have you waiting on more evidence or on the fence for who to believe. Russell Crowe does have a history of being for all races of people.

        Source on Russell:

    1. I’ve only watched one interview of hers but I do recall her saying something to the effect of being raised by dominican nannies or around a lot of dominicans. Either way I pay her and her antics no attention anymore.

  2. Didnt bother to watch because I am all out of Fukks to give. Time to put in an application at Lady Foot Locker and call it day cause your career is just like your edges in shambles.

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