My Boss Is Trying To Fuck The Fear In Me (It’s Uncomfortable)

7fd457a5fa73144fbb11f069757b2b8eso i scare the other animals.
*confused shrug*
moreso jackals and hyenas.
it’s crazy,
but you never know the impact you leave on others.
in my own fur,
i am often intimidated by others and second guessing myself.
it could be because of their looks or status,
but i never stopped to realize my own power.
so i’m on a serious investigation over my job mess…

i have yet to hear when this is all happening,
but there has been a lot of talk.
i keep a few f-bi in my back pocket at work.
you all should.
well according to my boss in a meeting,
he feels like not telling my department is actually “helping us”.

here-we-have-another-expression-being-annoyed-impatient-head“i’m sorry,
and how is this?” i asked my work f-bi,
highly fuckin’ confused.

they had no answer.
they did tell me that my boss and mr green were throwing me under the bus.
i was shocked when it came to mr green,
but my boss has low-key turned him out about me.
word is that i was supposed to be gone a few months ago,
but they couldn’t find anyone to replace me.
everyone they interviewed doesn’t do it like me.

I’m just that good

does-anyone-look-amazing-drinking-champagne-1i also have deep ties with my fellow co workers.
i made sure that my work ethic that couldn’t be duplicated.
they also think i’ll black on them and destroy the office.
i laughed.
first of all,
you will NEVER see jamari fox leave any situation on some hood shit.
i value my reputation and will leave fucked up situations with my head up.
you can tell your people you will pop off if shit goes down but…

The best exit is a classy one

i would never give them that.
well something about me has my boss nervous.
it could be the fact he is doing us wrong and is an enormous pussy.
the sad part is,
my boss has a reputation from his last location of doing this.
i got the full dossier on him.
he has thrown many innocent victims under the bus to get to where he needs to be.
if he can make himself look good,
then you are gonna experience a fatality.
he has no one,
lives in a nice home,
and has no friends to entertain himself with.
his nasty ways of life have backed him into a corner in his forest..
i am his next victim and he is trying to turn everyone against me.
i could try to ruin him…
tumblr_inline_mjr9gn359f1r7blkg…but that will be his karma and not mine.
The universe is already trying to set me up for a win.

Why ruin it playing petty office games with a power hungry dumb ass?

it’s a shame what jackals will do to look good temporarily.
it all comes out in the wash eventually.
the saga continues.

lowkey: emailed the ceo.
waiting patiently…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “My Boss Is Trying To Fuck The Fear In Me (It’s Uncomfortable)”

  1. “…but that will be his karma and not mine.
    The universe is already trying to set me up for a win.”

  2. Ugh he makes me sick, he will definitely get his sooner than later. Jamari continue being positive, I feel your about to make some big moves soon.

  3. Yeah keep it classy I’ve always kept it classy and have maintained close ties with former bosses and colleagues because of it. Also could you guys keep my family in prayer our Grandmother died Thursday morning and her funeral is next Thursday it’s just been emotionally exhausting. Between school, training at this job I started in September and now this. Keep your head up Jamari…praying for your victory.

    1. Hang in there Malcolm. It’s a tough situation but surround yourself in positive ideas and positive people and you will be able to push through.

  4. Jamari be walking around the office sly smiling, humming “you must not know bout me, you must not know bout me…” ha, loves it!

  5. Sad to say, but as a black men in any kind of corporate workplace seems like you always have to watch your back and keep your receipts.

    That’s exactly why I wish we as blacks would stick together and promote each other when we’re qualified and the ones with seniority mentor the young professionals. Unfortunately, we often throw each other under the bus just to barely make it to middle management smh

    1. ^COSIGN!!!!!!

      you are speaking the truth.
      i don’t walk around that job acting like some thug.
      i am always courteous and professional.
      not once can they say i’ve ever been disrespectful,
      yet they want to shit on me and treat me like i’m not the one the depend on.
      it’s really ridiculous and it’s not right at all.

      corporate america shows you who is real and who fake.
      who willing to kiss ass and those who just trying to get a check.

  6. As someone who was a victim of Black on Black work crime earlier this year when my former Black manager took offense with me not playing along and expressing my opinion about crappy management problems, I can tell you, it will work out. I was moved to another department and she tried to trash my reputation, but on any job I have been on, my co-workers always like me because I take the time to actually stop and speak to them and inquire about family, kids etc getting to know them. A little can take you a long way, so her plan backfired because my co-workers know I am genuine. My new manager saw right through the tricks and welcomed me with open arms further pissing off upper management. They thought I was going to leave, but I played it cool. When I tell you it was not even a couple of months later, all hell broke loose in my old managers personal life, I still don’t know what went on because everybody has been quiet and secretive but it was something major. I wasn’t expecting Karma to collect on her ass that fast but it did.

    Now I’m surprised and not surprised by Mr. Green. Snow animals can not be trusted at anytime in my book. They will always show their true colors and loyalties even when they know they are wrong. Mr. Green know damn well somebody with your work ethic was not doing the things your boss said, but he showed his loyalty to that asshole instead of looking out for you so my motto about Snow people is too be cordial until the bell rings, I have no dealings with them and will never trust them, it is programmed in their DNA to be dishonest and hateful. Your boss sounds like a sad miserable character.

    Just keep being nice and smile and play the game until you can make a grand exit that will leave them speechless and surprised. I continue to smile at all the Bitches who tried to do me in. I think that scares them more because they dont know how to take you.

  7. Jamari-babe – Make sure you keep the energy balance right. Focus more energy on the job to come than the one that is over but not yet gone. Why Mr. CEO wants you is far more important than why petty former boss and sometimey Mr Green don’t. Forget those things which are behind and press forward… nahmean?

  8. Hopefully you can establish something with this new CEO and leave this job on your own terms without the termination. That would be the best case scenario. Stay strong!

  9. A copy that cannot be duplicated, and It seem like your the backbone to the organization. Mr. Green slowly interest me on your entries showing his true colors like Amanda on “Melrose Place”. I guess you can officially brand him the new office villain!

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