Azealia Banks Wants Your Sympathy Votes

tumblr_ncrqvlo2ns1sb91y1o2_r1_1280…and her saga definitely continues.
this is the perfect example of karma if  ever saw it.
so azealia banks is on tour
the “please believe me!” sympathy tour.
as you know,
she was in a situation with russell crowe and a very random rza.
she claims she was called a “pineapple” and spit on by russell crowe at a top hollywood party.
russell crowe and rza have different claims.
she sat down with “access hollywood” to tell her side of the story…
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Donald Trump Gets Grabbed By The Balls


well when you’re a sexed crazed idiot
so donald trump got caught up in some (more) shit.
a video was leaked of him talking absolutely disrespectful about vixens.
he was talking about various vixens he tried,
one in which was married,
how he gets pussy because he is a “star”,
and “grabbing them by the pussy” to billy bush of “access hollywood”.
it was secretly recorded on the set of “days of our lives” in 2005.
this was when he was making a cameo on the show.
here is the video of the leaked convo:

and now lets get into the apology he posted on his facebook…

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Simone Biles Wants You To Eye Roll With Her Biopic

simone-biles-3i love the delusional…
so simone biles,
our olympic gymnast vixen,
doesn’t seem to own a mirror.
that or she wears her rose colored glasses everywhere.
i don’t think she knows what she looks like.
well she was asked on access hollywood:

“Who would you want to play you in a movie?”

this is what she answered
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P!nk Says Her Preference Is Un-Defined.

p!nk wants you to know she is not like everyone else.

i think we all figured that out already.
she wants you to know she doesn’t define herself when it comes to her sexuality.
she just does her thing and in typical p!nk form,
you will like it.

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