Simone Biles Wants You To Eye Roll With Her Biopic

simone-biles-3i love the delusional…
so simone biles,
our olympic gymnast vixen,
doesn’t seem to own a mirror.
that or she wears her rose colored glasses everywhere.
i don’t think she knows what she looks like.
well she was asked on access hollywood:

“Who would you want to play you in a movie?”

this is what she answered

of all acting vixens?
tumblr_nlwcdpvABW1tgmg1wo1_500zendaya is damn near 5’10.
simone is like 4’8.
we can file this under:

aretha franklin wanting halle berry to play her”
lil’ kim crushed because christina milan didn’t portray her”

i blame her parents who adopted her.
they are going to have a hell of a time when she gets her wake up call.

lowkey: i love gabby’s face in that whole thing.
she is completely over those chicks.
i feel like she gotta dumb herself down to fit in with them.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “Simone Biles Wants You To Eye Roll With Her Biopic

  1. I will give her a pass.She is 19 and she chose her favorite actress who she grew up watching on Disney.Personally I can’t think of many teenage black actresses that look like Simone in terms of height and complexion.I guess maybe Skai Jackson,the girl in the memes.

    IMO Aretha and Lil Kim are more delusional because they were grown ass women.Christina Milan playing Lil Kim? LMAO

  2. I agree with Y on the part that she is young. When it comes to which actress or actor a person would pick to portray them, regular folks will always pic their favs, rather than someone who at least someone resembles them.

    Simone might get her wish if Wendy Williams directs it tho.

  3. I like her, but I’m biased. I don’t think she really thought before she answered that. I wasn’t expecting anything perfect, she’s an athlete, doing interviews isn’t their thing.

  4. Halle Berry playing Aretha isn’t a big stretch. Halle is light but bronzed and Aretha isn’t a darkskinned woman.
    Lil Kim was delusional. Christina Milian? REALLY??
    Simone may be young, but she’s 19 and seems(seemed?) really self-aware. Zendaya looks no where close to her.

  5. girl.
    their some shade being thrown there. basely I pick up from it is. she don’t want no dark skin girl playing her.

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