Aww Suge Knight’s Son Is Sweet

I was expecting a big ol buff mini Man-Gorilla…

But, I was kind of surprised…

To see….

Which one is his son?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Aww Suge Knight’s Son Is Sweet”

  1. I think hes a handsome young man and I love that he was not what MOST of us expected. I hope his father loves him very much for who he is and supports him in everything that he does.

    1. You know its funny we all like dick but folks act like its a crime to be a little feminine and like it. You just cant win for losin. We face enough discrimination from some very conniving heterosexuals in high places and we cant even start at the grass root and be sensible and loving to one another. its quite saddening.

      1. Amen…shows we ALL still have a way to got go to get it together. LOVE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT/POWERFUL THING ON THIS EARTH.

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