Angry Mob Kills Cross Dressing Boy After They Find Out He Was A Guy


i just saw this on bossip and i had to literally smh….

A “cross-dressing” teen was allegedly “chopped and stabbed” to death by a mob in Jamaica earlier this week, according to local media reports.

Dwayne Jones, a gender-nonconforming 17-year-old, was attending a river party in St. James on the night of July 21 when a mob allegedly set upon him, according to radio station Irie FM. He was dressed as a woman and was dancing with a male when another female attendee told a group of partiers that Jones was actually a man, the report notes. One of the men went up to Jones and groped him, discovering he was a male.

Jones was chased and later “chopped and stabbed” to death, Irie FM reported.

Explosions were also heard, and police were called. Authorities eventually found Jones’ dead body on a nearby road “with multiple stab wounds and a gunshot wound,” according to the Jamaica Gleaner.

Reports obtained by lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual (LGBT) activist Maurice Tomlinson indicate no one tried to defend Jones — a Paradise Rowe resident who “dressed in drag, calling himself ‘Gully Queen’” — from the attack, according to LGBTQ Nation.
found: the huffington post / bossip


can i ask a question tho?
i need to address the elephant in the room.

why was he at a STRAIGHT party doing this?

… then he in jamaica aka “homophobes r us” playing these kinda games.
i’m not trying to take away from his death,
but some things should be avoided all together.
i get that straight wolves are usually the finest,
but doing shit like this leads people on.
people don’t like to be led on.

lowkey: this reminds me of hyenas and jackals online
pretending to be females to talk to the attention whores.

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16 thoughts on “Angry Mob Kills Cross Dressing Boy After They Find Out He Was A Guy”

  1. These comments are unbelievable. A kid was killed by a mob and everyone wants to take the mob’s side? We don’t even know the full details. Sometimes people make shit up to justify their rabid wild behavior. Dude could have just been at the party on chill, and someone just didn’t like him? Either way he did not deserve this. Fuck every single one of you who support this bullshit!

    Gay black men are the fucking worst!

  2. This is similar to the Gwen Araujo story.If you guys don’t know, look it up.It happened back in 2002.Lifetime even made a movie about it.

  3. While I was reading the first line of the report, by the time I got to the chopped and stabbed part my mouth was wide open. From the moment I read Jamaica my reactions was, “Oh okay, I get it.”

    I live in the Caribbean btw…

  4. So he dressed up a girl, danced with an unassuming man, and got killed for it in a anti gay nation?

    Sounds bout right.

  5. I’m actually from Jamaica and this queen was wrong. I don’t know if anyone else is from the islands but Jamaica is the wrong place to try and “trick men”. Jamaica has not embraced the gay lifestyle as Americans. Anyone who doesn’t know the island code for being gay surely is not from the island and should stop talking. It is a shame that his life was taken but caused his fate

    1. Yea I’m from Jamaica so I can talk about it. I kno u have to be careful but my point is doing what he did is not permission for death sentence. I notice nobody blaming the mob that kill him!!!
      So if they kill him because his voice wasn’t deep enough then that’s ok cuz he shoulda known to talk deeper?
      It’s just wrong…

  6. J…u kno why this is important to me…u are wrong. I’ve been having an argument with my boy since I heard this story a few days ago. We don’t know what this guys motivation is for going to a straight dance. This is rural Jamaica…there are no gay clubs(they’d be burned down) there is a gay underground but maybe he didn’t make the connection…or maybe he thought it was funny to play a game on the homophobes in the area…whatever the reason NOBODY deserve to die that way!!!

  7. Jamaica is not the place to be doing that even if many of the dudes he would have smashed it. I always say women contribute to lot of gays getting in trouble. The fact that a wolf rather a drag queen must of pissed her off cause lets be honest Jamaican dancing is nothing short of a full on dry hump ,so no way he could have missed it was a dude he was dancing with. And the unspoken rule once he does not hear you a homo he down for anything always apply with curious wolves the minute he hears homo he goes red eye and homophobic hulk steps in.

  8. Funny you mentioned the attention whores. Some of their dick pics leak because gays pretend to be chicks and lead these dudes on all the way until the text messages. In their mind they thinking they are getting some future pussy but they talking to some triflin ass gay boy who puts the pictures on Tumblr.

    Gays also getting led on thinking they taking to some fine ass guy and its some bitch queen pretending. Lets go to even say a homophobic crazy person ready to lure them some place and kill them. People need to stop playing with fire period. It’s so real in these streets.

  9. These brutal beatings and killings of homosexuals will never end anytime soon. People are going to have to start taking measures to help protect themselves from these acts. I know people say that others should have the right to be themselves in public, but what you do may not be accepted by others. The same goes with racism. We may have our free speech, but I can’t make a racial slur in public and expect people not to react.

    Everyone knows Jamaicans are homophobes, period. Men have to stop walking into straight clubs and parties wearing wigs, dresses and heels, it’s not right to lead people on. As a bi dude, I’d even be upset if I thought I was with a woman and it turned out to be with a man because that is not what I thought I was getting myself into.

    1. ^good comment.

      im all for gun training and carrying around a taser/pepper spray.
      it’s illegal in ny to even carry any kind of weapon or self defense weapon period.
      (even tho people still do).
      only problem with that is gays (people in general) are always so angry and ready to fight.
      it maybe used in the wrong way.

      the situation here seemed like it was his wrong doing.
      he should not have walked into a party,
      with a ton of straight men,
      and play the wrong kind of game.
      this person lost their life due to bad decisions and choices.

      1. This is bullshit. He deserved to be murdered because he walked into a party with a wig on? Seemed like the men didn’t care until a woman complained.

        Either way, this was still a fucking kid! He did nothing to deserve the treatment he received.

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