Would You Stick Your Dick In You?

broken heart

“would you date you?”

i want you to really think about that.
sure we think we’re the best thing since sliced bread and the remote control,
but would other men see it that way?
have you ever stepped outside of the
and the swagginess
and asked yourself if you are a date-able person?
are you a good person?
you are probably good enough to fuck,
but i had to ask…

Are you good enough to cuff?

i sat in my room and asked myself the question.
in all honestly,
nope i wouldn’t date me now.
i don’t think i would have dated me ever actually.
i would definite fuck the living shit out of me,
since i know that i would provide myself with insane amounts of pleasure.
my sexuality goes beyond just basic positions.
i am a freak,
but i wouldn’t offer anything to a wolf besides a wet hole and mouth.
i know this and i have accepted it.

real talk,
i am a vulnerable mess.
with everything that has happened in my life,
i’ve been searching for someone to rescue me.
the first wolf i crushed on in this lifestyle,
i thought he would be the one to rescue my ass.
i was so sure, ya know?
he turned out to be straight,
and i was heart broken,
but i think I’ve always been searching for someone to make me feel the way he did.
you know when these men come in your life,
that you don’t know if they’re gay,
but that feeling they gave you like you were the only one.
they made you feel like putty.
i’ve always been looking for that.
a man to make me feel like i was the sexiest muthafucka alive.
never found it.
i did find a few dicks in disguise of “that” tho.

another thing is that i give myself too much when i love you.
i realized that recently with people in my life.
the mistakes i have called “friends” that have me feeling alone.
they needed me and i was there.
shoulder to cry on or love them,
i dropped everything and ran to them.
i was their biggest cheerleader,
but i’m starting to realize nowadays no one give a fuck about me.
no one fights for me like i do them.


… but i do that shit everyone right?
i would do all that to my wolf,
but would he do that to me?
not if i’m dependent on him for my happiness.
so now i’m:
loving myself first.
putting myself first.
treating myself first.
i’m working on being someone i’d date,
because once i do that,
i’ll be one bad ass muthafucka!!!!

what about you?

entry thought credit: x this episode

14 thoughts on “Would You Stick Your Dick In You?

  1. I would not date myself because I have some problem areas such as emotional, communication, and self-esteem issues that I need to work on before I allow anyone to be my partner in this life.

  2. I would, and ‘we’ will have to work some tough parts out (sharp mouth, headstrong) but I would, I would see the rough diamond in the crust in me and date me.

  3. Yea, I’m a good dude who is ready to be in a relationship if the opportunity arose, and I know I’m good enough to cuff, especially because I bring to the table what another man can’t, period. At the end of the day it ain’t about looks, good sex, and masculinity. A dude can have all that and still not be worth shit. It’s about what you bring on a mental level. Do you have what it takes to love someone else and allow them love you? Do you know how to care? When your partner is having a bad day do you know just what to say to make them feel better? Can you stay faithful? Do you have a high-self esteem that will prevent your partner from dealing with emotional baggage? There is more of course, but you can see where I’m going.

    1. Man I love how you express yourself. Moreover I like how you always tell the truth. However, I have to pull the bullshit card when you card if the opportunity presents itself. I know for a fact that there is always one person, maybe two who has or does like each of us but we are still looking for that perfect mate so we don’t give that person a chance,

      I’m only speculating but I’m just saying if you want to be in a relationship you make it happen no matter what gets in your way. So if you wanna be in a relationship make it happen Man. Stop waiting.

      1. Not every person who wants to be in a relationship with you is right for you Nerd. This is how so many people end up in bad relationships. I’m no longer jumping at the first opportunity anymore. Most of the time those one or two people who are trying to get at you just wanna fuck.Think about it.

  4. Wow..i was just asking myself this a couple moments ago before I read this post. Since I’ve entertain this lifestyle I have yet to get what I want in a fox. I find myself constantly asking myself is it worth it. I believe I would date me. Shit that’s what I’m looking for, someone like me. But I keep coming across wastes of time and energy. And through it all try not to become bitter or the type I wouldn’t date. But it’s a challenge.

  5. Right now, I definitely would not date myself
    I’m still trying to figure me out & I’ve got a bit of a way to go.
    I’d be a great fuck buddy, but to be in a relationship with me is not in the cards lol.

    1. Gay men would not date themselves. This is why everyone is so picky and color struck.

      1. It comes down to loving yourself and noticing just how much you are worth. It’s a lot of insecure men in this life. Another problem is dudes let no good people fill their heads with shit that is far from the truth. It ain’t about looks and all that bullshit.

        I will most definitely date myself. I see the good within myself, and everyone will not see that, but many already have seen it and I’m positive many more will.

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