Andrew Caldwell’s Mugshot Was DeliverT!

mugshotbeendelivertwell who didn’t see this coming with mister “i love the wimmenz”?
people are now saying he is a “liar” since his mug shot was deliverT.
that “he was paid to do this”.
well the clues were in front of your nose

has anyone ever been to church?
like have you ever seen someone been “deliverT” from their “sins”?
its emotional.
its a scene.
it moves your spirit to react.
it could also be someone who knows how to act.
which leads us to clue one.
as soon as he said:


it came off like he cleared a hard level in candy crush.


Telephone___Beyonce_by_jeffro5clue two.
the faux speaking in tongues.


now that was just pure laziness!


…would have been better.
third clue.
so he claims he was molested by a family member.
for someone who allegedly went through such a traumatic experience,
who ended up hating being this disgusting gay,
he sure seemed very nonchalant about the entire situation.
when your spirit has been effected,
you are an a emotional mess.
you can cry at the mere mention of what has hurt you.
ive seen church end because people have been so emotional.
throwing off wigs.
all kinds of shit.
shit that made me cry just to witness it.
he didn’t do any of those things.
which is what made it look like a bad acting job to me.
i would have bought it if he was a complete mess.
if his church step didn’t look so sleepy.
if his eyes didn’t look like they told another story.
his interviews have come off very defensive as well.
why is he so angry?
why is he paying attention to the “haters”?

final thoughts…

it all smellTz like a scheme.
he was used as an alleged puppet for this church.
they used him to try and convert other church gays.
he said,
in ( x the interview ) i posted yesterday,
that the church was filled with gay men.
church people are sheep who follow just about anything that looks “holy”.
so someone picked those two parts to “leak to the public” to start the cycle.
it’s alleged “evidence” that god can deliverT you from your homo ways.
now where is the complete video of this event?
i could be wrong,

but the whole video conveniently isn’t out there.
well what they didn’t realize is mister “i love wimmenz” had a record.
a record of fraud.
he said in that interview that he wants to be a star.
what would he do for money and fame?
he does have books to sell.
that was my final clue.
….but i could be wrong tho.
this all could be genuine. truth can be stranger than fiction,
especially when it comes to church folks.


mugshot taken: stl mugshots

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Andrew Caldwell’s Mugshot Was DeliverT!”

    1. Profit. They brainwash and have men thinking they can change their sexuality. All gay men do not prefer the life, and would trade it in for a straight one at the drop of a dime. You ain’t hip yet bruh.

    2. ^symphaty.
      new followers and potential buyers for his book.
      be the mascot for all church gays who don’t want to gay “no more”.
      similar to michael sam when he first came out.

  1. He is delivered, but would bend over forward to make it to stardom if he had to. I’m upset because he is exploiting the lifestyle for his own gain. This is the type of dude I like to steer clear of.

  2. So this is what this site is about bringing saved men down because you all live in such a disgusting lifestyle he has a past you also have a past so what this man is trying to turn his life around he received blessings because he isn’t gay you all should try it as well very sad

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