Wendy Williams Could As Well Call Out Monday Morning

what a absolute disaster that movie was.
you know what bothered me about wendy williams and this movie…

so wendy made a career of getting in people’s business back in the 90s,
but she couldn’t get any of this right????
the public knew more about aaliyah than the people involved with this trash,
wendy had an interview with the hollywood reporter and she said:

Why did you become involved?

Lifetime needed to tell this story correctly. Fans won’t say, “Oh, my God, how could you disgrace her memory?” And nosy people like me who want to find out things will also be fine.

What kinds of things?

Her upbringing. How did she meet R. Kelly? What did her parents say when their 15-year-old baby girl brought home a 28-year-old man? Aaliyah was a take-charge young lady with strong opinions about her career. This movie tells all those stories without being distasteful.

nothing about this movie seemed legit with what went on with aaliyah.
is wendy on crack again?
and who the fuck casted for this movie???

aaliyah = cassie
r kelly = omar epps
her brother = drake
missy = maya from girlfriends
timbaland = ginuwine
dame dash = chico debarge

wendy’s color issues definitely rang true in this movie.
everyone was light skin when they wasn’t.
there was no talk about how females picked on aaliyah in school,
nothing about how aaliyah was insecure about her lazy eye,
and when the hell did aaliyah perform half those songs?tumblr_m8cydthapi1qelvj7o1_500where are the youtubes of these shenanigans?

the r.kelly storyline was wack and completely rushed,
the ending violated,
and alexandra shipp didn’t pull off aaliyah’s swagg.
all in all,
the movie was boring and shouldn’t have been done.
if the family didn’t approve the rights to use aaliyah’s music in the movie,
why even make it?
wendy always criticizing movies when they aren’t done right,
but she completely dropped the ball with this one.
she didn’t even get aaliyah’s song title right!
Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 10.45.06 PMblack twitter murdered her life tonight.
if you go to her mentions,
you probably gonna see police tape.
i wonder if she will address it on hot topics?

interview taken: the hollywood reporter

28 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Could As Well Call Out Monday Morning

  1. Awful casting, script, AND singing! Just a hot mess all around. Aaliyah deserved so much better. The only biopics that truly work have input from the people who know them personally. Selena, What’s Love, and even TLC’s recent movie share one thing in common that made them great… the artist and/or family were involved. The only part I liked is when the end credits appeared.

    1. Exactly…it’s doomed unless you have the support of the family. That would have made it so much better because they would have been able to use her music and tell the story the right way.

  2. I liked it. ..it wasn’t the best but I wasn’t expecting that especially since it’s was on Lifetime.. .a channel for middle age women where most of the movies are about psychotic killer females. .and since Aaliyah family blocked them from using anything involving her music or likenesses. .it did what it could with what was available. .her love and family life along with her drive to be at star. ..wasn’t expecting about documentary

  3. This movie was nothing short of a disaster. From the high school musical singing to the amateur actors chose for the parts. My sister said she would have never known she was watching an Aaliyah movie if she didn’t see the title at the bottom lol. R Kelly should be upset that they chose an actor that did not resemble him at all, he resembled Joe more than anything. From pictures I seen from R Kelly back in the day, he lighter and was fine as hell. They also portrayed him as a sad sap who struggled with love, when in reality he preyed on Aaliyah. I gotta keep it real. Do not get me started on the actors that played Missy, Timberland, and Dame Dash. Alexandra Shipp is not a great actress for big movies or biopics. Nope. Wendy Williams should have had trouble sleeping last night. Damn Shame.

  4. I wonder how Wendy William would feel if someone makes a film about her cocaine addiction, miscarriages, losing her hair, and cheating abusive husband, just spilling hot tea all over Wendy. This so-called movie was blatantly disrespectful because A) She’s dead and B) The mother didn’t want this movie to be made in the first place, so out of respect, respect the mother’s wishes. Wendy should know this since she’s a “mother” herself and I bet she would be cursing and suing anyone who talks ill about her son. But honestly I would love Timbaland and Missy Elliott make a movie about Wendy just to hurt her

  5. lol I know twitter going ham. Wendy it’s At Your Best (You Are Love). They gonna drag her. Po Wendy. As for the movie, didn’t watch. Didn’t need to already got enough tea to know this stuff ain’t accurate lmbo.

  6. They got a lot of things wrong in this movie. R Kelly met Aaliyah at 13 or so and shouted her out. He was checking for her at a really young age like many other young girls he messed with. The way the parents found out about at Kelly and her was at the airport on the way to their honeymoon and not inside a house. Aaliyah had the files expunged after she got annulled from Kelly two or three years later. This is why she could deny ever being married to that man but people close to her know the deal. There was NO announcement about who R Kelly married like they claimed Aaliyah saw in a news broadcast. No one knew. Timbaland and Missy did not produce the entire “One In A Million” album. They both were brought into Aaliyah’s life by the record company. Missy and Tim were very fat when they all met. The family gave no clearance for any Aaliyah songs and hits, so all the movie could do was have her sing the remakes she did. At Your Best was on her first album and Got To Give It Up was on her second. They did get clearance to use Journey From The Past since that was on a soundtrack. Aaliyah was introduced to Damon Dash. They did not meet at a pool party. Wendy has a grudge because she was completely inaccurate with the telling of Aaliyah’s life. I hope the Haughtons sue her for every penny because they ruined this girl’s legacy last night.

  7. My Facebook newsfeed is off the chain, with everyone trashing this movie. Sometimes you can see disasters a mile away, and its sad no one who produce this, didnt see this, or else they just didnt care. I hope the critics hand Wendy ass to her on platter, it couldnt happen to a messier person.

  8. I’m watching now, and it’s a mess..
    Jamari.. Did brandy and Aaliyah really fight. I didn’t know that. Put me on please

  9. i only watched about 15 minutes and then i turned it off…i had sent you some funny memes on twitter though but back to the main point…i feel like you said the film was doomed from the start, because even prior to Wendy taking over the other actress who was originally playing Aaliyah she had to re-record the tracks as well because the family didn’t give them the rights…but i felt at least they could have taken their time with the casting…i felt like it was like watching a blackface comedy about a well known figure….but i was feeling the lips on the r.kelly actor in the flick…i just felt like they didn’t showcase enough in regards to her singing with Gladys Knight.. the actors playing her parents had NO resemblance…but i DON’T blame the actress and i feel people should lay off of her. she simply did what any inspiring actress would do, jump on a project that could give you a chance, it wasn’t her fault the script was horrible…even with Wendy as executive producer, i think Lifetime brought Wendy on just because her show is popular and they felt all of Wendy fans would watch, even if they didn’t know Aaliyah…Wendy was just a face for this movie…The director and Lifetime had the most say so…it still DOESN’T top the ratchetness that was Flex Alexander in Michael Jackson’s biopic lol…now THAT was a MESS…i didn’t watch Aaliyah’s story for long out of respect for the family and what Timbaland posted earlier HOWEVER that Whitney movie i may watch lol and also i dont think Whitney movie got the rights from the family either so that means Yaya will probably re-recording all of whitney’s tracks either smh….how do you make a small lifetime flick for Whitney Houston!?!?! ONE of the GREATEST VOICES of time….smh Wendy Williams is eating this up right now regardless of what people say millions still watched it so in regards to numbers it’s a HIT despite the critics…

    1. Deborah Cox is redoing all of Whitney’s music for the film, so it should be ok, since they have similar tones and Deborah can really sing, but she was by no means a Whitney Houston.

  10. I thought I wouldn’t watch it but for the first time ever, I logged into my old twitter account to watch alongside black twitter. Yes, they were going in, as they should. The movie was rushed & the casting was crap. It felt more like a Disney channel movie. I know it was wrong but I laughed at a picture of a paper plane on fire. The caption said “if Lifetime filmed the plane crash scene.” So wrong but so true. The movie was a cheap ass mess. “My Prerogative.” For real y’all?! And damn, we only got a glimpse of Missy & Timb as if they didn’t make Aaliyah a household name with “One In A Million.” It was a blink & you miss it. Wendy is one shady ass troll.

    Low key, there was one scene where dark chocolate faux-R.Kelly said to Pocahontas faux-Aaliyah “I didn’t miss you at all.” I wanted to lick all over his sexy faux-R.Kelly face.

      1. I knew this was going to happen. First off. I didn’t need an Aaliyah movie as well. And as much as I love Aaliyah I couldn’t be part of this baboonery and get upset. Its all on my IG and social media the mockery Wendy put together. smh

  11. OMG… Yes they could have kept this movie but I already knew it was going to be boring… Aaliyah didn’t really do anything in 22 years….Like you said we already knew what they showed and they didn’t go in-depth about anything. They barely scratched the surface… And the ending, don’t even get me started. They need to lock Wendy and her family up for this foolishness.

    1. ^aside from twitter,
      i knew it was going to boring.
      movie was wack af.
      Aaliyah didn’t need a biopic.

      im done with Wendy.
      she clearly only wanted a check.

      1. Jamari I disagree with you. Aaliyah does need a biopic. Look at Selena…when she died she was just about to crossover into mainstream. That biopic did that for her and introduced her music to another generation.

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