A Couple More Slices of Booty Butt Naked, Colin Kaepernick.

tumblr_mnvl22wtO91qa0jd9o1_400ya know,
i was hungry for more colin kaepernick.
i got my wish…

tumblr_mpomoofFJn1rtm07eo1_250i really liked shot of him laying down.
i don’t really care what he looks like.
he is unconventionally fine.

lowkey: i hope the front looks just as good.
i bet his mentions look like “hookers at the point”.
im sure he has been offered every sexual favor… for free.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “A Couple More Slices of Booty Butt Naked, Colin Kaepernick.”

  1. Bad as shit. Colin got it going on.

    People were saying that laying down pose was suspect, but they told him to pose like that. It wasn’t up to him. Females usually pose like that, but I didn’t know a man could make the pose look so good.

      1. I’m excellent as always, blessed and highly favored G. You’ve got to accept the good with the bad (cliche, no?) <<< lol but true…its good to know your okay.

        Its just been crazy with me, I peek in a time or two but hopefully now I can really get back into the blog.

  2. Kap is so fucking sexy…I been wanted to ride that since he was at Nevada! I hope his black side gave him some meat to play with in the front…were the hell are those pics lol!

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