Find Your “Purpose”?

justin-bieber-purpose-cover-2_rume6gnow i don’t own any of justin bieber’s music,
because i’m not a fan of his vocals,
but i hear he a whole new music artist.
he tellin’ ya’ll to love yourselves and find your “purpose”.
i hear his music has gotten better and breakin’ records too.
is this true?
any of the foxhole cop the album for a review?
i’m scared to say i’m tempted to take a listen.

lowkey: i feel like chris brown needs to try this route.
take #teambreezy on a musical therapy session.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Find Your “Purpose”?”

  1. Not ashamed to say I’ve heard it. It’s not bad.
    No, he doesn’t have strong vocals but the production helps him out there.
    Prior to this disc, he had two songs I like, “Boyfriend” and “As Long As You Love Me”. This one has quite a few tracks on it that I like.

  2. Listening to this was my first time listening to a Justin Bieber album. It wasn’t too bad actually. The songs were decent, but I just don’t like how he sounds.

  3. Like Chris Brown, I just can’t with this dude. I only know a few songs out of his whole discography and none of them really caught my attn.
    Just not interested in him.
    It does seem like he “wants” to get his act together though, so I guess that’s a step in the right direction, but I don’t care that much lol zzz.

      1. @Dignified & J…He is annoying with his antics. Unfortunate for Chris, Justin will get more of a pass than he will. His art won’t suffer for it. Just look at the shyt he’s done. Hell, he even walked off stage at a concert because the people in the front weren’t participating!! I mean who does that?!! And all he has to say is I’m sorry…and all is forgotten.
        Give it a listen. I’m not a JB fan…but it’s really not a bad disc.

      2. I feel like my soul would cry if I gave him a chance LOL! It may take some time for me to wrap my head around listing to Justin Bieber. Like, I literally feel uncomfortable, like I’m going against my whole morals of music LOL!

        Yeah he’s very CB-esque even with the stupid antics, and music, I feel that if I even listen to it, I’m supporting the buffoonery in some way, maybe I’ll give it a chance, but my poor soul will die a little inside LOL!

        I think in order for JB to replace CB, CB would have to be on his way out already, which I don’t think is happening, he’s just plateauing, so we basically just have CB and JB being stupid and getting away with their antics. None are going anywhere methinks! I think they’re both just as bad, Chris seemed to be a tad worse though so that’s probably why it seems like JB gets away with things. CB got away with a lot of bs, but people started to draw the line when he started throwing chairs out of windows, and throwing rocks and shizz! LOL! I don’t think JB has gone that far..yet, though he will probably push that limit like CB did.

  4. I don’t really like Bieber, but I respect him for understand for his need to evolve in order to be taken seriously in the industry. “What Do You Mean?” is the first song of his I can say I really like.

    PS. I don’t consider this R&B, so why are people trying to sell it as such?

  5. I like what do you mean but I don’t get anything from Justin beiber. To me he’s has always been done that relied on the fact that teenage girls found him cute and that was it. He has ok vocals but him sing live is a mess, he’s not really a dancer, and doesn’t perform a killer show live.

    Bump Justin bebier I’m really for Justin Timberlake’s next album.

  6. I don’t buy music. But I listened to it when it got released. This album is A1.. Justin is growing. My fav songs are; Company, No Pressure & Children. I will say this though, whoever produced this album helped him so much. The instrumentals/diplo beats are what carries the songs IMO.

  7. I don’t care for, “What Do You Mean?” or “Where Are You Now When I Need You”, but I think, “Sorry” is awesome!

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