He Wants To “Beat It Up” and “Swallow Me Down”

CU1V7uzUEAEajR6so chris brown dropped a “beyonce” on us.
everyone thought he was dropping his album,
but he decided to do something different.
he dropped a mixtape called,
“before the party”.
it is packed with 34 songs.
look at the titles…

1. “Counterfeit” feat. Rihanna, Wiz Whalifa, and Kelly
2. “Go
3. “Sex”
4. “Holy Angel”
5. “Pussy”
6. “Play Me”
7. “Gotta Get Up”
8. “All I Need” feat. Wale
9. “Text Message” feat. Tyga
10. “Redlights”
11. “Just So You Know”
12. “Ghetto Tales”
13. “Come Home Tonight”
14. “The Breakup”
15. “Hell of a Nite” feat. French Montana and Fetty Wap
16. “Freaky Shit”
17. “Beat It Up”
18. “Won’t Change”
19. “Here We Go Again”
20. “Freak At Night/Fan”
21. “Swallow Me Down”
22. “Till the Morning”
23. “Right Now”
24. “Seasons Change”
25. “Roses Turn Blue”
26. “Second Hand Love”
27. “I Can’t Win”
28. “Matter”
29. “Lipstick on the Glass”
30. “Scared to Love You”
31. “Show Off”
32. “Desperado”
33. “Trust Me”
34. “4 Seconds”

…like 34 tracks tho?
“swallow me down” i’m sure is about his thanksgiving dinner.
tumblr_nyfr2prr451riql1po1_500anyway its way too much music before an album release.
he should have dropped this after his album came out.
hell do like erykah badu and have it streamed with no download.
from the material,
chris is obviously “over-fucked and over-satisfied”.
i’m kinda seeing “one trick pony” in his current situation.
if the song isn’t a techno based beat,
then its some overly sexual song about some throw away hoe.
if he isn’t rapping about what he “got”,
then he trying to sing about the love he “wants”.
he is definitely all over the place.i guess he is singing about what is going on in his life right now.
i hope he is keeping up with his std results.
i’ve been listening to adele,
but i just downloaded it so i’ll take a listen.

“how many licks does it take until i get to the…”

“this is my pussy and ima fuck when i want to, fuck when i want to…”

its starting out whatever.
if you want,
check it out:


lowkey: his peak was “F.A.M.E”.
his latest music seems like one long continuous album.
all the beats and material sound the same.
you kinda tell what you getting with a chris brown record.
is it just me?

21 thoughts on “He Wants To “Beat It Up” and “Swallow Me Down”

  1. Zzz these “R&B” boys of today are so dried up, redundant & boring. Same cr@p, different year.

  2. I’ll take my time checking this out. I’m not a fan when Chris doesn’t the whole techno beat pop stuff but his r&b songs be on point. I love “liquor” it’s def a song I play when I’m in a sexy mood.

    I do agree wth the comments above Chris had his chance to be on higher levels than what he is right now. Even after the the abuse stuff he did to RiRi, but he’s more I arrested in this bad boy lifestyle. Idk you never know he can sing, dance, and is fine so if he just got the right mindset and people around him, he could be so much better.

  3. R&B (particularly that of males) will always be in the dumps as long as Chris, Trey, August, etc. continue singing rap lyrics. Have we run out of ideas of how to interpret romance that thee artist have to rely on the trends of these rapper?

    1. Yeah they’ve run out of ideas because all they sing about is sexin’ & clubbin’!!
      That shyt gets old real quick.

  4. LMAO. Chris & Trey are in the same category. You KNOW what their album is going to be about. Same material, different album cover. One trick ponies that will never rise above hood music. Chris had a chance to become a major star, but his Rihanna fiasco fucked that up. I thought after he tore up the VMA’s that year that was his chance to come back…but he f’d that up royally. You would’ve thought that his stint in jail would’ve helped him get it together…but he was too dumb to realize that the people who turned their back on him while he was in there (his words) showed up at his doorstep soon as he got out. He returned right to old form, even dissing the one who stood by him throughout his entire ordeal, Karreuche. Not the people that turned their back on him, nah. He dissed the one who stood by him!
    Who does that?!! He will forever be an artist on the fringe because he can’t get his shyt together.
    If he does…he could be phenomenal!!

    1. I think his time has passed to become anything more than what he is now honestly. Most celebrities have a “window of opportunity” to strike while the iron is hot. If you do it right, and have the talent and creativity to back it up, you could have longevity in that business. Chris is known, but that opportunity has passed. It’s already “been there” and “done that” with him. Only the fans that are continuously loyal will be the ones to continue to follow him, other than that, he’s just another artist.

      Beyonce is a good example in the sense that she “rode the wave” when the iron was hot (from Destiny’s Child), and kept making different career moves to keep people interested (starting a solo career while maintaining her identity, firing her dad, dropping a random album without promotion etc.) I’m no fan of hers by any means, but she’s really good at image control and manipulation, and I feel like that’s part of what’s keeping her relevant in this world of Taylor Swift and the like. She keeps coming out with content that is unique from each other but still very “Beyonce” and has a different vibe from any other artist. She has a damn good team.

      Chris isn’t doing any of that. He can continue putting out content but he might as well be washed up. He will continue to just be “average”. He will still make a lot of money though so he doesn’t have to worry.

      1. ^110%

        chris hasnt changed,
        reinvented himself,
        or changed the game.
        he put himself in a box.
        i say a year or two off,
        travel the world,
        and experience new things is his best bet.

      2. Yes, a reinvention could be a really smart move on his part, but I don’t think he has the capacity to “change the game” like he had the potential to.
        It wouldn’t hurt though.

      3. I feel you with Beyonce. I think she needs to take some time off and disappear for a minute. Chris is definitely due for a reinvention. As J said, take some off and travel the world or spend with his daughter. Use those experiences to his advantage and write some material from that. Sadly he’s not bright enough to do that. He keeps putting out subpar material.

        But I will say that it’s never too late, Dignified. Many artists have had comebacks of sorts after falling off. If he gets it together, he might be able to pull it off. Getting his act together being the key factor!

      4. @ Christian AGREED! Echoing what Jamari and you said, travelling, spending time with his daughter, growing as a man is probably just what he needs to do to make better music. Make his music about real life experiences, like music should be. He needs to grow up. See the true value in life. He has all the money in the world to experience the right things in life that so little get to do. He could right music about so many things he’s experienced. He has al the tools right in front of him, so crappy music is his own fault.

        I hope you’re right for his sake Christian! He just needs the vision and the team to pull it off.

    2. “Royally”-I see what you did there 😛

      But did no one notice that a song called “Holy Angel” is sandwiched between “Sex” and “Pussy”?

      1. ^and that’s the thing!
        the songs have weird placements.
        the lyrics to that song were deep…
        and then he went left with some sex track.
        that pussy song was raunchy AF tho.

  5. Last night he tweeted that his record label is trying to sabotage his career and then deleted the tweet.

      1. I guess he dropped this to get back at them for not releasing ,”Royalty” or marketing it the way he wanted them to.So he said ,”I’ll show them”

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