zed, from zednray, has come a long way! (look Mum, that rhymed)

it’s #tbt and font about a glo up!
i always appreciate a good glo up out here.
 1/2 from zednray,
is the glo up king.
a foxholer sent me this and i nearly fell outta bed.
well not ^that picture,
but these of his alleged early days as an up and coming singer…



he went from that to this:

that looks like the same tatt on his arm:

get some tatts,
work out,
change your hairstyle,
get a new wardrobe,
and growing into your adult bawdy can really change you.
you can go from “nothing to something” real quick.
he should never be ashamed of where he came from.
it all adds to that “GATDAMN” reaction in the future.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “zed, from zednray, has come a long way! (look Mum, that rhymed)”

  1. Oh hell yeah that’s him; love the come up though!!!
    Can we all just agree for ONCE that one’s level of masculinity or femininity has nothing to do with preference for sexual position and what one will do with one dude they might not be inclined to do with another. Top Bottom or Versatile WTF Like seriously we need to stop that crap. Two of my friends are both fully versatile but neither have they ever penetrated the other. And they have no reason to lie about it. One just prefers to top the other but he will let another dude top him. Maybe it’s the vibe or other dude’s penis is too big. Which I can relate to. My penis isn’t going in every willing hole nor is every willing penis going in mine. I love my prostate too much.

  2. Also, let’s not act like Zed is the only gay man that butched up as they got older… Max Cooner wasn’t always the BBC muscle midget that ya’ll now love and adore.

  3. Lol, I won’t be commenting on his (alleged) sexual position ’cause I never believe them when they said they were two (total) tops in a relationship. You can tell from their body language and interaction with each other that Ray is the more dominant one.

    With that said, I will comment on his racial/ethnic makeup and whether or not he is black. Given that Zed is North African (Tunisian if I am correct), it is possible that he has (Black) African ancestry. We have to keep in mind that the region was invaded by West Asians who, for the lack of a better word, “mingled” with the native populations. While the TV will have you thinking everyone man and woman looks like Rami Malek, Meni Massoud, and Sophie Boutella, there are dark-skin and black people living in these countries, particularly the lower halves.

    So, is Zed black? No. Even if he is half-black, I wouldn’t consider him black. I have a strong stance on one-drop-ruling biracials into the black community/race. I think the one-drop-rule is not advantageous for either of us and is racist.

  4. You can’t tell me this wasn’t one of those MySpace Emo twinks back in the day!!! And that sideswept swoop bayang….OK I’m done 💀💀💀💀

      1. He’s originally from Tunisia, so he’s an North African Arab. He’s not a Yt person passing as Black. Some Tunisians are mixed Arab and sub-Saharan African so he can probably legit call himself Black. He is African no matter what.

    1. Bingo. I hinted at this saying I hope they’re not claiming to be a gay BLACK couple.It is 100% him and I have proof. We do the same for Antonio Brown who isn’t Black. We give Blackness away. Everybody wants to sing our blues, nobody wants to live our blues.
      I remember Remy Ma saying Fat Joe was Black….

  5. So he went from twink to beefcake. Excuse my previous comment autocorrect fucked it up lol

    1. LMAO! It’s the video for me! All the twisting and swaying 🤣😂🤣 But he’s like 95% of homosexual men. We’ve learned to adopt a masculine persona for safety and assimilation. It’s not about what he was at 17, It’s about what he is comfortable with now as a fully grown man. If he’s happy with his transformation into machismo, we should be too!

  6. And they swear he’s not a bottom😂😂 !
    He looks like he used to devour big black COCK back in the day…

      1. Now that is the real tea! Why is it that many call him black? He’s clearly a biracial fishing white person. I’m always surprised when I hear black people call him black. I’m like “black where?!”

        1. He’s from North Africa, Tunisia, I think, so he’s African Arab. He’s not biracial.

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