they let jamari fox on imbd now

today was an interesting day for me.
i felt a shift.
a door might have closed but and a new path opened up.
it felt like the timid little fox inside me grew up as well.
i’ve been working with one of my good friends,
yhá mourhia wright,
on her web series,
we started together and got let go at the same time at my last job.
she was featured on season 1 of my podcast.
well because of working with her,
you can add “creative consultant” to my growing resume…


and i was able to get my own IMBD page as well:



i’m so grateful that yhá believed in me.
who knew out of everyone at that job,
we would end up being the closest and working together?
you know i cried when i saw my name on imbd.
blessings upon blessings!
i cannot wait for the foxhole to see #LOVEMYROOMIE.
you’ll enjoy it.

to yhá:

Thank you Yhá for giving me my first real break within the industry!
Believing in me and my vision for your project.
I cannot wait to see where this industry takes you.

i keep feeling in my spirit i’m gonna work with issa rae next.
ya know,
i feel like issa’s character in the end of the 3rd season of “insecure“.
she finally unpacked all the boxes in her new apartment and got settled.
jamari fox is getting settled into his greatness.

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27 thoughts on “they let jamari fox on imbd now”

  1. Yes!!!!! Get ready because it’s going to be more projects and more titles added to your name from here on our! Congratulations!!!!

  2. Talk about moving in silence. You sly fox, you. You let your work speak for itself and I love it. You deserve the world.

    1. ^thank you c!

      i like surprising the foxhole with the silent moves i’ve been making.
      most of the times,
      they are surprises for me!
      The Universe aligns me with the right people and paths.
      i’m absolutely grateful and always at its mercy!

  3. 😁😁😁😁😁
    Honestly this doesn’t surprise me. We’ve been seeing your talent and vision for years now so this was naturally the next step. Took a long time and hard road to get here but you’ve got to have somewhere to start. Looking forward to your next move, hopefully it will be a season 2.

    1. ^ this is such a wonderful message!
      thank you aj!
      you seen the mountains i’ve had to climb,
      fallen off,
      and had to start a whole new climb somewhere else but i’m happy they have all led me here!!

  4. Congrats man! Looking forward to more – and I can say I knew him when. Don’t forget us when you make it lol

  5. Aye! This a big celebration announcement, you know where that can take you, man I’m so proud of you! Big Congrats 🎊🎉🍾🎈

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