jeffree star gon’ pay your bills tonight for “bbc gon’ wrong”

the embarrassment of it all.
we love to see it.
well foxhole,
if you trying to get your bills paid,
jeffree star is trying to have you covered this month…

after getting allegedly robbed by his “bbc of the moment”,
andre marhold,
it seems he is in a giving mood.


this is him explaining the story:

seriously jeffree?
how he gonna claim a special place in hell for others,
but he is super problematic in his own life?
the bbc came with robbery and fraud.
take the L and learn discernment.
it was all good when it was up in him and they was taking after glow selfies a week ago.
he should do us all a favor and leak andre’s pipe pics for us too.
i mean,
since he is feeling generous and all.

7 thoughts on “jeffree star gon’ pay your bills tonight for “bbc gon’ wrong”

  1. If he got AIDS Bobby Lytes got it now. Bobby been dick hoping since Mona Scott-Young shut down production. Hope she comes with a better plan for a new season.

  2. I believe itโ€™s a stunt!
    If not I know Skeletor isnโ€™t acting like he cared if Andre had a job or money! He was happy paying to be dicked down by bbc, he makes me sick to my stomach ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ

    1. LMAO I came here just to address that one comment that he made! Everybody KNEW that he was sponsoring Andre’s unemployed bum ass from the jump and now he wants to cop a plea and play dumb trying to make it seem as if he was bamboozled. Skull please!

      Shit we all saw Jefree sending a DM to that Koi Trice dude willing to pay him for his services only yo get put on blast.

      He opened the pandora’s box with the grand opening of this staged entanglement & Andre left the grand closing with a bang. He wasn’t going to let Jeffree completely kick him to the curb without taking something. Jeffree’s thirsty ass had it coming and now people are relishing online because of this

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