YOUR 53rd THOUGHT: (53)

i’m a little curious as to this one below…

is this a baller wolf?
he looks like isaiah pead
this picture made me mind go into….
well, i’ll ask you.


Author: jamari fox

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22 thoughts on “YOUR 53rd THOUGHT: (53)

  1. I saw that on hoodsworld too Jamari and I said looks like some done let the cat out the bag lol. 2 things poped in my head either he Rollin a blunt or they just got through fuckin

  2. He does look like Pead, dont think its him tho…but my quesion…who is the muscular man in the back?? Looks like they just got finished having a smash session¡

  3. That is Isaiah Pead. Did some investigating. The mustache, the tats and all match. I don’t think anything is going on here though. It’s not enough going on in the pic to jump to conclusions, but I do think he’s handsome.

    Where’s third at? He seems to know so much. LOL.

    1. Isaiah has a mole under his right eye that isn’t in this picture thou it does look like him. Will show the pic to friend at the game today who knows him !

  4. I posted that pic only because of its ” hmm” factor to back to a previous discussion your antenna does go up after looking at some these athletes pics.

  5. Sorry to bust everyones bubble! But more that likely that is a teammate he is sharing a room with in a hotel on a road trip for a football game! But who knows?

  6. Dont know much about this dude, the first time I ever heard of him, was on this blog. I dont do this too often with dudes, because everybody wants all the cute fine boys on our team, but this dude may actually be on the team, if not; maybe curious about the team. Just from looking at the pics he seems like he has a connection with the light skin dude in his pic, they seem more than homies, it just seem like a intimacy between them. I may be way off base but I did have to do a pause after the instagram pics.

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