You Ought To Be Thanking (Mi)

last night,
i decided to clean my room.
i actually woke up out my sleep to do it.
very random.
my room was a hot ass mess.
everything was all over the place.
that seemed to be the theme of my current life.


i folded all the clothes in the big ass bag of laundry to my left.
i also organized and put stuff away to my right.
as i did it,
i felt the energy freeing up in my space.
it made me feel calm.
it was a rough week and i could hardly focus.
at about 6am,
i was awakened to this loud banging on my bedroom door

“can you lock the door?”

it was mi.
she had a bag over her shoulder.
when i walked out,
drowsy as hell,
i saw she had her suitcase at my front door.
this was it.
she was leaving.
she opened the door and that was it.

“thanks for allowing me to stay.”

i would have even taken:

“eat shit and die.”

she just left to head to florida.

once i saw her leave in some car,
i decided to clean my entire apartment.
i wanted to get her energy up and out.
i prayed,
did some sage,
and then went and grabbed the mop and bucket.
i did an all day cleaning.
i threw a lot of shit out.
i also went and bought some new household things.
it’s back to looking like my own again.
the energy feels better throughout my home.
i feel happy again.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “You Ought To Be Thanking (Mi)”

  1. Wow, talk about ungrateful, not even a “bye” Bitch Really?? I know you were glad to see the back of that one. Be sure and repay her the favor when she calls needing something by putting her ass on ignore. I am singing the break in the song Think by Aretha Franklin “Freedom” for you because you are finally free of this demon and you have gotten this bad spirit out of your house and life. It aint my business and is sure not my place but I would caution you about even letting Work Wolf back into your spot. It is like the Universe is removing this negative energy out of your life one by one-Liar, Liar, WW, now Mi leave them in the past and learn from them. I ran into an old friend a couple of weeks ago who I had not seen in 3 years we use to be really close and then he just stop talking to me out of the blue. I was cordial when I saw him and I could tell he was super happy to see me, it is like he wanting me to pick back up and start calling him and hanging out. He gave me his new number, I smiled and deleted it right out of my phone when he left. I considered him a real friend and for him to act like that reminded me not to bring that energy back in my life no matter how it seemed he had changed. Im good. We have to understand that these people are only meant to be in our life for a season, it is us many times who keep trying to extend their contracts in our life when we need to end them and let them go. So happy that you are free. I am hoping that a new wolf will be sniffing around seeing that your forest is now clean and free from hyena’s.

    1. ^thank you t.
      im happy she is gone.
      im actually sitting in my living room just taking in what I missed this last year.
      it was a wild ride with her.
      im thankful she is gone and trust,
      she is on ignore.
      i personally don’t want to hear from her.
      it won’t be easy for me to just start back after everything ive been through.

      1. Happy for you, Jamari! Now, did you get the key from her? Do you think you need to get the locks changed?

  2. Now you have the place to yourself again. I know she is family, but I know you are glad she is gone.

  3. Hmmm, I’m just tuning in to this story towards the end, but looks like there is a happy ending with her ungrateful behind out of your space. lol

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