Donald J Should Be The Spokesperson for Mentos

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 9.36.46 PMit’s amazing what a little time can do for you.
i remember ^this wolf a few years ago.
he use to be on everyone “crush” list.
well he has all grown up.
a foxholer alerted me to the following video that got 11 million views.
it wasn’t until i went snooping around,
that i figured out who it was.
everyone meet donald j,
the newest member of the marvin bienaime agency


sooooooooooooooo i’m pregnant
and he is the father.

lowkey: i often wonder why someone who looks like is single…
why am i single?
anyway he is dreamy:

picture credited: donald j | video: marvin bienaime agency

17 thoughts on “Donald J Should Be The Spokesperson for Mentos

  1. Yeah, Mentos should cut him a check because he just made me want to run to 7-Eleven and buy some. Haha

  2. This is my first time seeing him, but I will say that I am quite impressed. This man is fine.

  3. I know who put those Mentos on his front doorstep. Duh?! His publicist; Marvin Bienaime. Super faked and staged. Wack.

  4. Good looking guy. I wouldn’t want to date a guy that looks like this though. Just imagining the amount of people you’d have to fight off. I don’t need the stress or the lawyer fees.

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