You May Get HIV Soon (Yes, YOU!)


this article made me cry.
i kid you not.
this is the saddest shit i have read in a while.
it has come to this.
so the cdc had something to say to all the foxhole.
the ones who are out and in.
roles be damned.
according to them,
  half of us may end up with hiv.
this is what the “ny post” had to report…

Half of all black gay and bisexual men in the United States are projected to be diagnosed with HIV, a government study shows, in a ratio parallel to the prevalence of the virus among such men in developing nations such as Mauritania and Senegal.

Black men who have sex with men are 250 times more likely as heterosexual American men overall to be diagnosed with the virus, according to the report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Among Latino gay and bisexual men, one in four are projected to get HIV in their lifetime, and the chance of white gay and bisexual men getting HIV is one in 11, said the report released this week.

The figures are a reminder that efforts need to be made to boost HIV and AIDS prevention, CDC officials said.

“Hundreds of thousands of people will be diagnosed in their lifetime if we don’t scale up efforts now,” said Jonathan Mermin, director of the CDC’s National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and Tuberculosis Prevention.

The projections for gay black men in the United States evoke the rates of HIV and AIDS in African nations such as Mauritania, where some 44 percent of gay and bisexual men had HIV in 2014, according to the United Nations program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).

The same year in Senegal, nearly 42 percent of gay and bisexual men had the virus, UNAIDS said.

In the United States, more than 1.2 million people have HIV, according to CDC data. Worldwide, some 36.9 million people were living with HIV at the end of 2014, according to UNAIDS.

Globally, HIV infections have been falling since AIDS-related deaths peaked in 2004.

de0…………….i refuse.
i don’t even know what to say.
be safe?
i mean animals still risking their health for ( x a nut ).
i say let animals do what they want.
shit changes once you have “it”.
…or does it?

lowkey: thanks to the vix-bi who sent this to me.
i bet this is going to turn into a whole “dl” witch hunt.
lets just be real:

EVERYONE is way too risky when it comes to sex

folks be out here scared to ride roller coasters,
but will fuck some stranger they just met with no condom.
…ok i guess.

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article taken: ny post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

40 thoughts on “You May Get HIV Soon (Yes, YOU!)”

  1. Half of the population of black gay men though? Those are some high numbers. Overall people need to be safe though. Yea, there is a pill, but every strain is not the same, I do know that for sure. There is another thing I want to address as well. As we age, many people will fall ill of other diseases in general, which can complicate shit. It is all good until you fall ill of something else and your immune system is too weak for treatment. People be forgetting that shit man.

  2. I want to add the CDC report said Black MSM(Men who have sex with men) aren’t necessarily engaging in riskier sexual behaviors but they are more likely to contract the virus.They can’t really say why that is.Anyone who has been on xtube or any other porn site can see thousands of white men ALSO engaging in raw sex.There are many reasons this epidemic is disproportionately affecting the black community,poverty,lack of access to medical care,social stigma,etc.But let’s not get it twisted the CDC has stated many times the high rate of HIV(in Black women) is not because of men on the DL.There are just as many white,Hispanic,Asian men on the DL as evident by all “straight” guys on apps,Craigslist,gay sites looking for men.So we have to stop perpetuating this myth.

    Everybody has to get serious about using condoms consistently.Also get educated about PrEP(pre exposure)and PEP(post exposure) medication.There is always risk but you can minimize the risk.

    HIV is not AIDS but why not do whatever you can to keep from contracting HIV.Just like you do what you can to not get lung cancer by not smoking cigarettes.You can do things like diet and exercise to reduce your chance of heart disease.Why not be proactive in trying to prevent contracting HIV?

    1. Great point Y Colette! Also, I wonder if one of the reasons for this high number is because of “the network effect.” Many, if not most gay black men exclusively have sex with each other. Gay black communities are small (in comparison to white gay communities & heterosexual), therefore the transmission rates will appear higher bc essentially, everyone is having sex with each other. That would explain the high rates in cities in DC and Atlanta. Add in all the factors like Y Colette named including poverty, access to healthcare, etc and you have the perfect storm.

      We have GOT to stop selling and believing the idea that blacks are dumber, or more irresponsible than other groups. I think its intellectually lazy to suggest that. We need to start digging a little deeper when stats like these come out. It can be explained…with a little research.

      1. You and YCOLLETTE are absolutely correct.Being DL is not just a black thing and poverty and access to health care are a factor. I have also read the smaller pool of black gay men also tends to keep HIV within the community. I urge everyone who is sexually active use condoms ALL the time, even for oral sex. Get tested regularly and talk to your doctor about Prep. It’s a breakthrough drug!

    2. 👏👏👏 Thank you, people really acting like black men are the only ones getting it in without condoms. The only use of them “statistics” is to reinforce slave mentality.

      These statistics aren’t ever real and need to be took with a grain of salt. Professionals without an agenda would never back up statistics on sexuality. There’s so much you have to consider before you just outright say gay black men have the most people with HIV. Don’t let them “numbers” discourage or fool you.

    3. @Y Colette – It’s crazy because I just read an article about a person who contracted HIV while on a PrEP regimen. He contracted a rare PrEP resistant strain never seen before. Like you said, always a risk, even with condoms, but the risk is minimized drastically with such preparations. One case out of the tens of thousands using PrEP seems like a good percentage to me.

  3. Is this really shocking tho? Cause let be honest we see gay black men having raw sex on Vine, MyVidster, Twitter and even on Tumblr we see it all the time so this shouldn’t be a surprise. I’m not surprised about Latinos either when Pierce said he fucked Maravilla raw, and him and Borrell occasionally love to get breed. This is the consequence when you let a random person fuck you without a condom

    1. I agree with you. Too many black gay men are having raw sex. Oral sex is much safer. No glove no love should be What we practice.

  4. It’s sort of like how although more white women are likely to contract breast cancer in their lifetimes but more black women die from it because of genetics. But these news are really creepy I have used condoms with every partner but not when it comes to oral sex it wasn’t until recently that I am like nah put on a condom if you want some head guy. But it’s crazy cuz every time I get a cold or a light sickness I feel like HIV is creeping on the side like staring at me it’s making me so paranoid. I got tested and I’m good but still…

    It kinda gets you thinking about the future…can we any of us escape this thing or are we doomed?

    Sex seems to be the killer here and we have to approach it differently.

  5. Awareness is key also. i remember as a teen HIV awareness was big and safe sex was MAJOR even TLC made a song and campaigned for safe sex…nowadays people act as if HIV is a myth made up by other individuals as if it doesnt exist. Not only that but men in general, not just gay but straight men also, do NOT stay on top of their health as they should. i can’t tell you how many folks in this generation don’t get annual physicals, check ups or HIV/STD screenings. Folks assume since they feel okay nothing is wrong and lastly you can’t just sleep around with folks unprotected. Then, speaking of ignorance, some of these men feel that PRep is a vaccine given from the GODs to enable them to have unprotected sex simply because they want their dick wet. A license or protection to do what they want. i just can’t see how folks think their lives aren’t worth protecting. People have to use common sense, protect yourself, keep your number of partners to a minimum. No having a HIV isn’t a death sentence like it used to be, HOWEVER, mindlessly engaging in dangerous behavior simply because you feel like it or because you want sex isn’t smart. Hence the reason I’m single in Philly. Raw sex is a little too common for my tastes.

    I had an incident happen to me years ago when i was having sex with someone i trusted. He had a condom on but didnt tell me until afterwards that the condom broke. I was about 22 at the time. I went into a panic and over the course of the year got tested multiple times in fear that i may have something, thank GOD I was, and still am negative. His excuse at the time was’ it felt too good i wasn’t stopping until i got my nut, i’m clean anyway so what’s the problem’. Memories from that night still scare me at times so much so that i’m afraid to be trust because that fear of what could happen especially since i lost a friend to HIV (her boyfriend was a drug user and bought the disease back to her). I think when folks think HIV contraction they always think sex there are other ways as well.. There was a video on wSHH yrs ago where the guy was fucking the girl from the back. He had the bottom portion of the condom on but he cut the top portion of the condom and rolled it back some. so when the girl felt back with her hand she would feel the base of the condom thinking its on but in reality he had the top portion removed…it’s crazy..FOXXHOLE please be safe and Jamari thanks for sharing i feel like i can always come here for these kind of conversations.

    You truly are a blessing J thanks for sharing with us…and everyone thank you for your insight SN Y Colette and The Man i LOVE your wisdom you two are a GOD SEND!!!

  6. Bruh, you’re not going to convince me blacks somehow enagage in riskier sex than whites or latinos.

    These whites boys unlock their doors and put ads on craigslist for any and every penis in the city to run up in them while they’re ass up on the bed. That some shit you can only do in a white neighborhood.

    Still this is the result when you have a population of men that mostly make sex the center of their world. Sex or sexual position determines who they talk to and how they interact with them.

    Just like Terry Crews said his porn addiction made him objectify everyone, its the same with the majority of gay men until its the norm. “Show me your ass/dick”, “Let me see 12 body pics”. Some men are even ok with it at this point desperately showing of every inch of their bodies on social media and masking it as pride. No, they’ve actually been conditioned to think their body is their greatest and only valuable asset through many objectifying interactions with gay men.

    Even the attractive gay/bi men that have tried to get at me creep me out because they approach and interact with me like I’m an inanimate sex object.

    1. Pretty much. Some guys won’t even speak to you unless sex is on the cards. Many find it normal to randomly send somebody a dick pic. It’s gotten so redundant at this point. The only gay guys that they speak to are the ones they sleep with. And yes the white boys are no better.

    2. I agree. I hate when someone comes at me like they’re gettin some that night…NOT! LOL
      Treat me like a person and not some object…and please don’t tell me shyt you KNOW I wanna hear!
      That’s the quickest way to get my ass up from the table and out the door on my way home…ALONE!

  7. This should have all gay men of color angry that our numbers continue to rise from a disease that is totally preventable. I dont know what to do. I remember a while back J you posted something about raw sex or being a whore and you were attacked. It is like if you take a hard approach and tell people to stop being whores you are attacked and now many people want to say its not the end of the world anymore like in the past, its a manageable condition, which is true to some extent but why take a chance to get it in the first place. Communities of color are still silent both gay men, straight men, females every damn body. Nobody wants to talk about it, but yet we live in an Instagram world were flesh is on display 24/7 and ratchet behavior is celebrated at every turn. Everybody wants to suck a dick or get “Fckd” raw so that they can get notes on Tumblr or views on Xtube. Jackd and Grindr has made the anonymous sex of the 70’s and 80’s look like a Sunday School meeting. I must admit, it got me scared as hell to even engage in safe sex with anyone, hell I will probably be hard pressed to find someone who will not kick me out because I refuse to have raw sex with them. I have a female cousin who I found out who is HIV positive and she act like she has a damn cold, she is young and acts like most young people, still sleeping around not telling her many partners she is positive and not consistently taking her medicine according to other family members. Just sad, but I am sure she is not alone, it may just be a generational thing at this point. As someone who is older and had to take care of a friend with full blown AIDS to the point of seeing them in a diaper and having to change it everyday, I have a different attitude and hope to never get infected. No one ever sees the side effects of these drugs or the toll it takes on your body. As someone who was just a kid when we found out about AIDS to growing up with the disease and seeing people who were dear to me pass away, I would think in 2016 that the numbers would be low and the disease under control. Our country and the CDC has failed miserably along with our schools and churches. This is shameful.

  8. HIV/AIDS is a biological weapon being used on non-whites.

    The report tells you 50% for Black Men 25% for Hispanic/Latino Less Than %1 for Whites it is only logical to conclude that this is a biological weapon but Black ppl have no understanding of the system we are living in so they are still scratching their heads wondering why this is happening.

      1. Biological Weapon: Basically they are giving us the disease to kill our population…like the Tuskeegee Experiment in the 1940s. Kinda. This should be a wake up call for everyone. Porn sites have glorified raw sex without thinking of the consequences and now it’s the new normal.

    1. thank you. i hate talking like that because people look at me like im crazy. But i understand the system, which is made to eradicate us. slowly, but for them, hopefully, surely.

  9. After reading this entry I went to myvidster. One of the first comments I read below a video was a guy claiming we should stop being paranoid about getting AIDS/HIV because people can now live up to 20 years and longer with it. He was also looking for chasers to knowingly infect.

    Seeing comments like that scare the hell out of me because he’s not the first HIV+ person looking for chasers I’ve come across. Some people don’t take it seriously at all anymore.

  10. I saw people posting this on my timeline and I just scrolled past because sadly I believe that there is some truth to it. Which is why I rarely ever sleep with people. It’s been months and honestly I’m good. You can’t trust anyone these days. Many guys will do ANYTHING for a nut. Even lie about their status. So many guys lie about getting checked too. I’m hesitant to even get in relationships because the way some of these dudes are set-up, they’ll just go and creep around and f*ck another person who f*cks around with no protection. The fact that people don’t care about it is crazy.

    1. I see so many men that are in relationships still on these sex sites looking to fuck raw it’s ridiculous.

      Dudes frequent these raw sex parties and bathhouses like its nothing.

      At this point I’m not really interested in sex either until I get to know someone and believe they’re not out there like that getting ran through by 5 dudes at a time or sharing bottoms.

      I’ll stick to my flicks lol

  11. Thanks for sharing this post, Jamari. Yes, it is very sobering and should be. Many of you have stated that people are being wild out here, and they are; however, my generation was the hardest hit. I wanted to write something last night but fell asleep, so before starting my day, here goes:

    To Terry and those of you who feel getting infected is inevitable, do not despair. Over the years, I have been very sexually active and have thoroughly enjoyed sex. I decided early on, as people all around me, including friends and sexual partners were getting infected, that I wanted to always be able to enjoy sex. So, what did I do? I read voraciously everything I could get my hands on, from scientific journals to conspiracy theories. Even before working in the health field, I knew, if I wanted to survive, I had to be circumspect about what I would do and take responsibility for protecting myself.

    Jay is correct that brothers are no more reckless about the way they have sex than white guys. So, what gives? As Y Colette mentioned, there are a number of reasons. Principal among them is the prevalence in our community. What does that mean. It means so many people are infected that, when someone slips up and doesn’t use protection — it’s human — that one time he is more likely to have sex with someone who is infected, hence his getting infected, too. This causes many brothers to throw up their hands and say getting infected is inevitable, so fuck it. Please do not take that attitude.

    So, how can white guys do all they do and not get infected more. The statistics used are national, and the prevalence in the white community is lower; therefore, when they have unprotected sex, it’s more likely they will have sex with someone is is not infected. For example, in a place like North Dakota or Montana, where there are relatively few cases, people can fuck buck wildly and have little chance of coming across someone who is infected. Whereas, that white guy on one of those sex sites in New York or San Francisco is probably already infected or is more likely to get infected if he has unprotected sex with someone who is.

    Lack of health care and access to it play a role, too. The newer cases today are happening in the South. That’s where most black people live. Those racist southern governors have refused to sign on to the expansion of Medicaid to complement Obamacare, for which the federal government will pay 100% for the first three years then at 90%. Those governors know who is getting infected. It’s genocide plain and simple.

    Another factor is cultural. I know middle class brothers with excellent health insurance who don’t go to the doctor! Most of the middle age black gay men I know still don’t tell their doctors they are gay! Your doctor needs to know everything about your habits just like your lawyer needs to know everything that could impact a case so he/she is not blindsided in court.

    If you are uncomfortable talking to your doctor about your sexuality, get another doctor! There are doctors who are gay and straight doctors who are gay-friendly. Spend some of that time spent on sex sites looking up medical professionals who will give you the knowledgable and sensitive care you deserve! I had a fabulous doctor who was friends with my parents and a colleague of the doctors in my family. I knew whatever we would discuss was supposed to be protected, but this man knew my parents before I was born and I was closeted when I got home from college, so I looked for gay doctors. We have to be proactive.

    I have the relationship with my doctors where we discuss everything from sucking dick to eating ass. I even discuss with them whose asses are cleaner when they do examinations — gay men or straight men. Yes, I have no shame.

    Another thing that’s important is self-esteem. I love myself and I love our people. If you don’t love yourself and truly believe you are worthy of the best life has to offer, you will engage in self-destructive behavior. If you grow up listening to somebody telling you that you are an abomination and are going to hell Sunday after Sunday, you will do self-destructive things. Don’t allow anyone to put you down.

    Again, I want to close by saying please do not despair. Over the past 35 years of this epidemic, I have enjoyed great sex and have remained unscathed — no HIV not even a garden variety STD/STI. I do not say that in boastfulness. I knew some of the people with whom I had sex were HIV positive and some I did not know. I even sought relationships with some guys for whom I really cared that I knew were HIV positive. They turned me down. Things were so bad in the 1980s, probably before some of you were born, my lover in 1987 was afraid to have intercourse even with condoms. The test had only become available in 1985 and we had not yet been tested. Later that year, he took the test because his job required it for him to go overseas. He was negative. And, I got up the nerve to take it — yes, I was nervous — and was overjoyed when my results came back negative.

    Over the years, guys would turn me down, saying I was too antiseptic. I still attended their funerals. I also want to add I have had some indiscretions, too. I am human and do not hesitate to say but for the grace of God go I. Don’t allow yourself to get pent up. If you do that, you will explode and do something you might regret. Sex is good, it’s wonderful. But, there is responsible sex and there is reckless and irresponsible sex. I wanted to live to always be able to enjoy it, so I chose to be as responsible about it as I could. And, since the plumbing still works, I still enjoy it when I choose.

    Finally, use that 6th sense we have. People will lie to you. Listen to the upstairs head not the downstairs one. Didn’t mean to write so much; kinda got caught up. Don’t even know if anybody is gonna read all this, lol. Peace.

    1. ^i read it and was blown away!
      the part about people having sex in montana likely to get infected was very interesting to me.
      the bigger the city; the bigger the risk.
      your words were very powerful and everyone needs to read that.

    2. Thanks Old Head for coming through and dropping some knowledge on us. I saw this article a few days ago and I was shook. I find it important that we have someone like you that can educate us on topics like this. I also believe it’s genocide as well, like they did with crack cocaine in the 80s they really are trying to kill us off and it’s working. I’m not going to lie I visit pornhub daily and alot of times I watch amateur black gay porn and a lot of times they are having raw sex. Sex sells, and it’s everywhere on the Internet and on our television. Having side pieces, running trains, threesomes, trying to have more sexual partners than your homeboys has become the norm and if your not doing it something gotta be wrong with you, and I see this a lot in the straight community. Some straights think they are not going to get HIV or AIDS from having unprotected sex. I’ll never forget this one dude I knew a while back said him and four of his friends ran a train on this girl and they all nutted in her. I have so many stories but that one shocked the hell out of me. Everyone continue to wrap it up and be safe.

    3. Ty OH. Honestly, reading what you said makes me feel better about my choices to abstain from sex until I KNOW (and I mean REALLY know) somebody. I used to feel like I was too “puritan” or something, but I think it’s the only way to protect myself,my body, and my feelings. I’m glad I’m not crazy lol.
      I really appreciate when you post.

  12. There’s three reason’s to me why we as black gay men are affected by this epidemic. Reason number one is that many gay black as well as many people of color feel HIV/AIDS can’t happen to them. Reason number two is the new rhetoric of HIV/AIDS no longer being a death sentence, people have it in there minds if they do contract the virus the inevitable is not a concern. But death is a huge factor in the matter cause some many people go many years without being tested and when they are finally tested and the results are positive it’s too late to start treatment. The third reason is PREP many people as well think PREP is a substitute for condoms, so the have unsafe sex thinking PREP is a protect them from a potential sexual encounter with a person or individuals living with the virus. I’m very responsible as a black gay man when it comes to sex. Responsible in the matter practicing safe sex(condoms), taking PREP consistently and getting testing every six months. Conservation’s are also ways to get people engaged to be informed.

    By the way I just love is blog.

  13. I really dislike these “doom” statistics as I call them. When you look at any bad statistics Black people are always at the top of the list. This doesn’t abstain us from being safe and questioning potential partners but there is so much causation in these studies (and many others) that they don’t even mention in their findings.

  14. I too have kept my stuff clinked and clinched!!! Nope!! 5 months and counting! I’ll get me several fleshbot!!!

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