Look At What Someone’s Pain Help Create

lauryn-hilli have been listening to “the miseducation of lauryn hill” this week.
one of my top 10 albums.
if you never heard it,
ima need you to hop on it.
like 5 minutes ago.
so i’ve been in a weird place emotionally

but this album has been helping me navigate through my feelings.
“lost one”,
“ex factor”,
and “why does it hurt so bad”
564d19a8f174c577dc3bc0c07b1b9f60as you know,
i like to rummage through shit.
if i like something,
jamari fox will find out the “ins and outs” on a full investigation.

it’s only the foxhole way

so in my sniffing around,
i found myself reading up on this timeless album on wikipedia.
well lauryn was quoted as saying this:

“every time I got hurt,
every time I was disappointed,
every time I learned,
I just wrote a song.”

she just let her feelings flow and look what it created.


something that helped the world relate to her pain.
i’m going to keep on doing that.
if you get “exhausted” reading my struggles,
or when i’m sad,
or simply when i’m ready to give up,
then like oprah said:

“lots of people want to ride with you in the limo,
but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

…and i need you to be there for my ranting,
and complaining all the way there.
you’ll learn to deal…
or you’ll be at the bus stop once i make it.

your choice

low-key: please remind me of all the bad days when i make it.

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “Look At What Someone’s Pain Help Create”

  1. I love the song “Tell Him”,her prayer for clarity.Unfortunately it isn’t on all the albums.The lyrics are powerful.

  2. So I stay listening to this album, especially Forgive them Father, Lost One and Ex-Factor. To me, the message of Lost One would bring many of the celebrities of today back down to Earth real quick. Ex-Factor is just an experience to listen to-it’s perfectly composed the lyrics are powerful and her voice clearly reflects the pain in her heart. Hands down one of the greatest albums of all time.

  3. The part towards the end of Ex-factor when it goes “Careeeeeeeere…thereeeeeeeee…cryyyyyyyyyyy…giveeeeeee…where were you when I needed youuuuu…” It cuts you deep like you just wanna hold her. The album is great! It’s funny how she had initially asked Wyclef to help with the recording and then in the middle of the session she told him he had to go! Lol probably because most of the songs were about him lol

  4. This is still currently, my favourite album of all time, and still my favourite artist of all time. Has been since I first heard it back in the day. My songs are: Everything is everything, Ex-factor, Doo Wop is classic, I Used to Love Him, and Lost One! I used to really like Superstar too! So, pretty much the whole album! I can listen to it with no skips.

    I miss her.

      1. I think she was having other pressures from the label, and ended up getting black-listed or something! There was definitely more that happened behind the scenes! Christian mentioned that they tried to make her have an abortion because she was on the rise after this album, and that having a child at that moment would hurt her image. I read that somewhere and I think I heard her say it herself once. It was insane!

      2. @Diggy…yeah they tried to get her to have an abortion. That’s a damn shame!
        Forgive Them Father, which I absolutely LOVE (play it everyday to remind myself that some people ain’t shyt), was aimed at those who tried to get her to sell her soul.
        Everything Is Everything is my jam also!
        This album will ALWAYS remain a classic because the lyrics are so true!
        Once again, here was an artist who put her pain and heartache out there for all the world to see and hear….and it sold in droves!

      3. It’s sad that artist’s like this aren’t very common or popular. To see the crap that’s trending out here makes me sad when artist’s like this exist. They don’t hold a candle to her. Kanye thinks he’s the greatest artist of all time? LMFAO I could go on a list of weak ass artists but it’s pretty much all of them atm. It’s lame!

  5. I was rocking to this on my way home from a long day of work. Definitely a solid album. Only one feature. They don’t make them like this anymore.

  6. I love L boggie , this album is my favorite of all time. I can’t think of another whole piece of work from a singer that has touched me on all cylinders like this has. You can tell she put her heart and soul in to this, there are too many classics on here.

    P.S. I love what you wrote in this post about your journey.

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