You Keep Losing With These Jackals (Let’s Try Winning!)

tumblr_nv3mikNp4U1uasiybo1_500don’t fuck up the good animals in your life.

you are so use to dealing with trash,
that when someone genuine enters your life,
you neglect them and disregard their kindness.
why is this the new way of living?
are we all that fucked up we appreciate evil than good now?

i had to wonder…

Why do they ruin good things?

i get it.
sometimes good can be “boring”.
we all need excitement in our lives.
it could be:

the friend who always has drama
that trifling ass pineapple we can’t let go
the family members who always got some shit going on

i get it.
if someone is “good”,
but the light in your misguided ass life…

Why would you fuck that up?

is it a mental disorder?

it puzzles me.
i see people choosing the bottom of the barrel jackals and hyenas.
they are letting them in their lives and telling everything.
they will pass on those who are on the path of getting their life together.
i know people need to learn on their own time,
but seriously,
why mess up someone with potential for something temporary?
….and then gonna play the “i’m in regret” later on in life?

“damn i reallllllly fucked up with insert your name here.

tumblr_mb75dcY08p1qmfh3wi don’t get it.
so you knew they were the winning team,
but you went ahead and chose the worst possible option?

life and the people in it,
i guess?

lowkey: i guess these scenarios make the best songs.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “You Keep Losing With These Jackals (Let’s Try Winning!)”

  1. Amen. I never understood that as well. So many good people looking for love, friendship, or a companion, but the surface dewellers and leeches always manage to succeed.

  2. It kinda goes back to the “nice guys finish last” thing. Most of the time we don’t realized who is the light in our lives until after we have fucked up and only stuck with the bottom dwellers.

  3. I think that tendency in some people may be the universe’s way of protecting good guys from drama addicts. Anyone who believes that being treated well is “boring” is someone from whom smart people should run, long and far.

  4. Honestly, the only reason I still have a Facebook is so that I constantly have some messy fuckery to entertain me during down time at work.

    Can’t deal with that shit in my IRL friends. They all good peoples. My Facebook friends tho…

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