You Keep Losing With These Jackals (Let’s Try Winning!)

tumblr_nv3mikNp4U1uasiybo1_500don’t fuck up the good animals in your life.

you are so use to dealing with trash,
that when someone genuine enters your life,
you neglect them and disregard their kindness.
why is this the new way of living?
are we all that fucked up we appreciate evil than good now?

i had to wonder…

Why do they ruin good things?

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WOLF MEAT: (422)

tumblr_kxfj14bdbI1qav8zgthats covered in delicious nuts.
so its not too late to go and get a christmas card.
this fox wants to help you find the perfect one,
but i don’t think my wolfie friend wants a card anymore.
he wants something hallmark can’t make that the fox has…

(this entry is nsfw,
and “not for straight eyes”)…
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