You Better Choke On That Meat (Like You Been Hungry)

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 10.07.12 AMi’m gonna start posting my favorite quotes from tumblr.
this one caught my eye this morning.
my site is all about the hunger for the meat of a juicy stacked wolf.
that could go either way in your head.
i don’t have any shame in who i think is attractive.
it’s not like my little ass gonna rape you in some alley or bathroom stall.
um ew.
i just know a fine wolf when i see one.
you should be thanking me that i find you attractive anyway.
for my services,
i take:
 platinum pipe (with one of the above)

kqFcLTgi’m not picky.

lowkey: don’t be scared to comment on what you deem attractive.
as long as you are doing it respectfully.
the things i see in comment boxes <<<<<<<
“speak now or forever hold your tongue”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “You Better Choke On That Meat (Like You Been Hungry)”

  1. Some do act like they’re in prison and our comments are us waiting for them to drop the soap so we can have our way with them.

    Do we have to comment respectfully? If I want you in my guts then you shouldn’t be turned off because it’s impossible and a figure of speech tho no one gets that vulgar here anyway.

    Low-key, they’d freak if they knew how deep the rabbit hole could go. To quote Citizen Kane “Rosebud.” ­čśë

    1. This is our territory, and like Stevie J says “I do what I want.”

      It ain’t that deep tho, I’m not stressing over dudes on the net. I ain’t laying up beating my meat to these dudes. If I was who’s business is that doe? I could turn some of them out anyway if I wanted and make them question their sexuality and shit. I know what it takes to bring the curiosity out of a supposedly straight man who happens to be a little crooked. Show em a little love, compassion, sensitivity, understanding, maturity and all the good stuff a groupie can’t provide. Then when the time is right, I’d make my move, unless they make theirs first of course, which is more likely.These dudes be frontin man. However, what will they do when they get to the bridge, do they go across it, or jump in the water for a lil swim?

      Half these dudes we talk about are suspect. On social media, has anyone else noticed that the ones who get outed for trying to talk to straight men are always not attractive? Yea, I know. The cute ones try to talk to guys too, but they get lucky. Here is how it goes. When a person DM’s another. The receiver of the message clicks the senders page to see what they look like first. What they look like influences their reaction to a comment or request. If you appear masculine physically, and have a toned body, along with an attractive face. You will likely get a bite. If you don’t look up to par, they will blow up your spot. I know all the supposedly straight man secrets and tricks. I used to be a part of the straight society, so I know what suspect guys do who claim to be straight.The s4s thing is suspect too. If you notice, you will see that only guys with cute faces, or nice bodies ask for them. A straight guy we have talked about said how suspect it was to ask another man for a shoutouts etc. Don’t be fooled. I’ve been onto a lot of the sly behavior for a while, and it isn’t hard to catch.

        they not ready.
        i been catching these things on Instagram now.
        “shout outs” is sex trade.
        why only dudes giving shout outs to other dudes?
        maybe it’s for more followers,
        since these supposed followers are females,
        but mostly it’s for potential future sex.
        im surprised these females haven’t caught how suspect this shit is yet.
        maybe because it’s obviously to me.

      2. It’s sad. Who do these guys think they are foolin man? I know my shit.

        I also just found something interesting while I was eating and browsing lol. I just found a guy asking for shout outs from both Stephane Manga and the guy posted on the post Meat 560. He asked both of them for shout outs in a four day period. I was like these dudes be frontin like shit.

        The person asking for the shout outs, part of his instagram username is the name of popular pornstar who is lightskin with a fat ass who we have talked about. For anyone who wants to see who it is, look on third row of pictures on Stephane’s page and you will find the person in question. It may be further down on a mobile device, but on a laptop or computer it’s in the third row.

        When a person is a homophobe and they are going around asking for shout outs from good looking men, I have an issue with that. Then in their bio, you see shit like “No Gays Allowed,” “Females Only.” On some real shit, to them gays are considered feminine men or ones who are out of shape, not masculine ones who are fine. Crazy isn’t it?

      3. When you scrolled through the comments, I know you saw that username lol. That guy is going around asking all the lightskin prettybois for s4s to see if they will bite at his homophobic lil ass. How are you going to talk about gays in your bio, but your username is the name of a pornstar. How ironic is that?

      4. I must admit, he’s cute lil thing tho. Those lips might trap me. Us wolves love us some lips. For kissing…..and…um…yea lol.

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