Front, Side, and Back (The Joint)

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 10.58.25 AMso you all know herbanisto wolf,
chadoy leon aka theprolover.
check the archives.
anyhoo he looks good from the side

…and other angles in his mirror.
herbalife and working out is making him look like a joint.
he does do a workout that has me perplexed tho.
what is this:

rhobh-cam-sideeyeis that fitness voguing?
i’m confused.
that looks like it hurts.
he look like he about to turn into a transformer.
i can’t.
these wolves out here be taking this working out shit to the next level!
i’m not trying to do alla dat.
listen i just want future my trainer wolf to tone my body up.
i don’t need to lose weight or anything.
just some sculpting and a plumper ass.
i’ll let my wolf do those kind of gymnastics.

pictures and video courtesy | instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Front, Side, and Back (The Joint)”

  1. He is no longer attractive. He went way too far.

    I wanna be fit, but slim at the same time. I’m already slim, just gotta get a little more fit lol.

    1. In total agreement with this assessment Man. He does not even look natural anymore, he has an awkward look, like his frame was not really built to carry this much muscle. I noticed that in the couple of years I have been hitting the gym hard most str8 dudes wont to get bigger and bigger, its never a stopping point. I have been hitting the weights hard myself but I feel Im getting to big so Im leaning out this summer, but females love this body type so I guess that is why so many dudes keep lifting more weight and eating more protein to keep the ladies impressed and of course their gay fans LOL!

  2. I honestly don’t understand the necessity of all the extra arm movements. Maybe that’s why he’s more cut than I am. At times though, I feel like it’s for show, to garner response instead of offer training tips

  3. I agree. I just wanna have a slim stomach and some nice arms and legs. I don’t really want definition. These dudes be on some Dragon Ball Z 500x gravity shit. I’m weary of lifting too much weight because I heard your chest can collapse in if you strain.

    I hope these dudes know that once they hit a certain age, they’re gonna have to go even harder or watch them muscles sag.

  4. He got a nice thick ass that I wanna grab and rub it all night long. I don’t see anything wrong with his body. It nice, thick and muscular. I can imagine how his ass would look if he wears well-fitted jeans.

  5. I still like him, but not as much as I used to. He looking too much like The Thing from Fantastic Four now.

  6. …………… yeah that’s a bit much. I wish I had the commitment to workout I’m a little too skinny, I want a big ass too the wolves I’ve been with tell me it’s really soft and smooth but I want some cakes not little Debbie’s ;p

  7. Light skinned, covered in tats blah blah blah..he almost had the perfect physique but now he’s gotten too big. I believe he’s short(like 5’6) and that’s way too much muscle on that frame. He almost looks like a pitbull

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