You Better Choke On That Meat (Like You Been Hungry)

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 10.07.12 AMi’m gonna start posting my favorite quotes from tumblr.
this one caught my eye this morning.
my site is all about the hunger for the meat of a juicy stacked wolf.
that could go either way in your head.
i don’t have any shame in who i think is attractive.
it’s not like my little ass gonna rape you in some alley or bathroom stall.
um ew.
i just know a fine wolf when i see one.
you should be thanking me that i find you attractive anyway.
for my services,
i take:
 platinum pipe (with one of the above)

kqFcLTgi’m not picky.

lowkey: don’t be scared to comment on what you deem attractive.
as long as you are doing it respectfully.
the things i see in comment boxes <<<<<<<
“speak now or forever hold your tongue”.

All That Matters (Mental Breakfast)

3c624b1e0c3eae6b832d191da0d3be3di put up a lot of these quotes in my ( x thoughts and productions of grandeur ),
but ^this one stood out to me.
it spoke right to me and it’s also speaking to someone else out there as well.
i’ll put up more of these on the main foxhole.
sometimes you need mental stimulation for it to all make sense.

A Complete Breakfast With A Side of Foxi Quotes!

tumblr_mdhpy23B1d1rq81j2o1_500doesnt that look delish?
i should head my ass down to ihop.
in between blessings (as i like to call it) right now.
so i saw these power quotes i wanted to share with the foxhole.
i gotta keep you motivated as well as myself.
dig in…
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