You Better Talk That MuthaFuckin Talk

Did Rihanna BRING it with this album, or what?…

If you could put my site into music, she would represent it.
I love this album!!!!!!!!

Who would have thought the Pon De Replay chick would be on her 12th number 1?????????
Tierra Mari WHO?
Just know the underdog can have the better come up.
Always remember that people.



But this track right HERE:



I love it.
I love it.
I love it when you eat it…

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12 thoughts on “You Better Talk That MuthaFuckin Talk”

  1. Birthday Cake is my favorite song even though its so short. This album is pretty good. Still sounds like the tracks that didn’t make it onto Loud though. Rihanna is number one and the Beyonce fans can’t seem to admit it.

    And don’t try to come for Teairra Marie! “Sponser” and “How to Make a Girl Feel” are the anthems!! lol

    1. Birthday Cake is a winner!

      “……And it’s not even my birthday
      But you wanna put your name on it
      And it’s not even my birthday
      And he tryna put his name on it
      Oooh, I wanna f-ck you right now……”

      Song is crazy.

      those songs from TM were hot.
      I must have been the only one who bought TM first album.
      She had a track on there called LA LA that use to bump.

      1. Shes come out with some good stuff since then, “Automatic feat. Nicki Minaj” is another good track by TM. But her genre of music isn’t big right now so it would have been difficult to sustain her career for so long. Rihanna’s versatility and AMAZING team of people behind her is whats keeping her afloat.

        “Talk that Talk” will sell, but it won’t be one of her most memorable albums like “Loud” and “Good Girl Gone Bag.” Rihanna is on her Fifth album and shes only 23. She will slow down eventually but I don’t think that’s anytime soon. I thought her look for this one would be a lot more in-your-face but she’s played it safe thus far. Rihanna is the biggest thing out right now…

  2. I am a super fan of this album.
    This is JUST what I need to get by lol
    I was in a slump, but this album woke me up.

    IMO, this album has a different feel than LOUD.
    This is more in your face and more raw.
    I am glad she toned her hair and everything down…
    … so that she could convey the message of what she is trying to deliver.

    LOUD and Rated R were her best for me.
    I was going through something and those albums helped me find therapy.

    This one,
    like the others,
    is what I NEEEEEDDDDD!!!!!!

    Her and J Cole are keeping me sane right now.

  3. Eh, the only album I liked of Rihanna’s is Rated R and that’s probably because it was kind of dark and depressing. lol

    This album doesn’t do anything for me, sounds like several remixed versions of Rude Boy and Whats My Name.

  4. I agree with you Jamari. The album is awesome. She may not be the best singer or performer, but she makes great songs. We All Want Love really spoke to me!

  5. I must be in the minority then, I think this album is terrible, nowhere near as good as Good Girl Gone Bad, Rated R, or Loud. All of the songs are incredibly repetitive, to the point where it’s almost laughable. That said, I did enjoy Talk That Talk, Cockiness, Birthday Cake, and Watch ‘N Learn, which could have just been put on a rerelease of Loud. I could do without the rest of the album for sure.

  6. Loud didn’t have any songs like “S.O.S.” or “Umbrella”, so I’m not really in a rush to get this album, although I eventually will. I’m not even sure if I’ve heard that first single yet, “We Found Love”

  7. I’ve always been on/off the fence about her. However, I am fascinated by her image and her transformations. She draws you in. It took some time but RATED R really grew on me. The only song i liked on LOUD was Skin. The track you posted has persuaded to listen to the rest on this new album. I do love the video for We Found Love but I’m still Uhhhh about the song. I still feel like they need a better songs for her.

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