Lay Down Some Rubber (12)

I feel like laying down some rubber TWICE today.

I’m feeling frisky.

This is for all my Big Bodied Wolf lovers that read me.
I see you guys and I do not forget you.
So here is a giant turkey of a Wolf that I wonder would get some love…





I’m sure he cooks real well!
Not to mention great heat in the winter months…
i joke.

… but,
would you lay down some rubber for this Big Bodied Wolf?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Lay Down Some Rubber (12)”

  1. Hes not a bad looking guy a lil gigantic but the problem is that thing between his legs! That is not going nowhere near my ass. I hope thats the cam adding those 10lbs to his dick. he might try and take it from me. How about i take Lebron instead?

    1. whats wrong with uncut?????… A cut dick is so boring….. and please don’t go that route about chessy or smelly… just like a pussy, if the hygeine is right, there is nothing to complain about… plus that extra skin is something to play with, very sensitive and feels better inside your fox hole than a cut one…

      just my 0.02 cents…

  2. You know I cant resist a big man. He kinda old but Ide let him in. Ofcourse we gone have to talk about his 3rd leg first

  3. I’m pretty sure that’s photoshopped, I recognize that picture and he was definitely smaller than that and cut…

    Just found it:, saw his picture a couple of days ago on some other blog that linked to this page.

    That said… I love big guys, and I like that he’s not too big either… this fox does not need anything huge inside of him, haha

    1. Yea check it out bro…I loved it! The storyline was original and unexpected…not to mention despite being a low budget film the cinematography was great as well! Being an aspiring film major I can appreciate this for what it was and what the writer was attempting to pull off although in regards to the actual story it was crazy and disturbing!

  4. i appreciate him in all his big beauty but i would have to work my way up to that… and major hours of foreplay.

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