Lay Down Some Rubber (11)

Here is another edition for you guys.
This one is a little different because I can’t call this one.
So i’ll let you see the latest victim…
… and you guys tell me if he gets some rubber laid on him.


Everyone meet Jacob:

^this is the pic that made me… kinda hot.


Now more than likely, I would sit on those lips of his and ride his face like a Bronco…


Would this one be a Wolf? Fox? or Hybrid?
I can’t tell.

… but,
would you lay down some rubber for Jacob?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “Lay Down Some Rubber (11)”

  1. He would be a fine ass wolf to me, body,a phatty, and looks handsome……but something shouting in my ear this might be a hybrid/fox leaning more towards the fox side.

    1. ^He is also from ATL V.
      Can we get some super sleuthing from your end to find out the scoop.

      Does any Fox/Wolf/or Hybrid know the scoop for that matter?
      If not, he may just be a winner.

      1. She’s ballroom so I’m sure she sticks to that and my circle of friends doesn’t really mix with that scene too much. Our mutual FB friends don’t give away any clues either lol. But i can try… Someone who reads this must recognize her.

        Seems like a nice person though. But I’m sure she gets approached a lot as you can tell by her wall and number of friends she has. Most likely goes for the same type of wolves posted on this site. “Masculine only.” Or she might be the type who only dates those who are in the scene. Who knows?

  2. ^He is a what????
    A ballroom?
    I’m good.

    Cease and dismiss all missions…
    All troops evacuate as fast as you can….

    *breaks window and jumps*

    I can already see where that would go.
    but you are right,
    seems like a nice person.

    1. The first thing in her description is “Works at House of Balenciaga”, you didnt see that? I mean, Ballroom scene is pretty big, especially if you live in NYC. Its almost unavoidable. What about someone being in that scene makes them less appealing to you?

      1. ^Only time I heard or knew about that was during that brief Dante Balenciaga sex stint.
        He told me to watch his videos and that is how I learned about that.

        That scene is not my scene and it is too much gang stuff.
        From what I was told in an email from a Fox,
        you date one and everyone is in your business.
        It isn’t really personal and for someone like me,
        it is best to stay away.

        You got mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters…
        and it can be drama filled.

  3. Well, that’s understandable. The scene is very small and tight knit. Its very easy to have your business out there whenever you make any sort of move. It isn’t for everyone but it gives a lot of people a “place to belong” so to speak for those who are lost navigating this thing called life. Although I’m not involved I appreciate a lot of the artistry and performance and the overall culture itself when it comes to the ballroom scene. I don’t knock it.

    1. ^yeah I don’t knock it because a lot of those people have no family.
      Some where casted off by their real family members for this lifestyle.
      My issue with that is even though they go to these things for acceptance,
      there is A ton of drama behind the scenes.
      So there is really no place for them to even feel safe and connected.

      … but when it comes to dating one,
      it can be really hard because you fuck one…
      … and you are fucking his father (literally).

      So as much as this Fox would love to have to lips all over my body,
      I would have to pass.

      I’m not ready to meet the parents yet LOL

  4. Butter :
    What is the ballroom?

    Ballroom dudes are guys that you can give them a look and take them in a home and ball the hell out of them lol

  5. imma Hybrid at times so he can get it lol but that whole House/Ballroom scene is ot for me either, I have a cousin that tried to get me in one…met the father, mother, brothers, etc. – even had a parent and name picked out for me lol – but i could not….just too much….yet i can appreciate it for its purpose

  6. I’m seeing this late
    But.. YES I was right!
    I’d tare him UP!
    Ok let me calm myself
    I’m in the Bay…
    Maybe I’m not on the scene enough
    But is that House/Ballroom stuff just on the East Coast?
    I’m unfamiliar with it out here *shrugs*

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