Ye = Cakes?

Who knew?

Damn shorty,
I didn’t know you had all that ass in those jeans.

As a licensed assologist,
I always saw Kanye with a flat back.
Who knew he was stuffing all that booty in them jeans.

Do not be fooled people.
You may think someone has a flat ass but in reality,
he doesn’t.
Some dude’s ass are not as prominent as females in jeans or sweats.

Asses always look better without pants on.

Look at mine (hehehe…)

he surprised me with that and then this:

Donk and some kind of body?
Kanye is always full of surprises, ain’t he?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Ye = Cakes?”

      1. I dont know baby. There is no celebrity male that I can think of to be honest. I just find him attractive physically in that sexy way. He just seems like He’d be really funny and wild to hang out with.

  1. I got you.
    I dunno how Amber Rose puts up with the alleged temper tantrums though.

    (well she getting a check,
    so I would be too.)

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