what makes someone ugly?
is it certain facial features?
is it prominent african features?

For me,
there are some people i don’t find attractive,

but you can be fine af and your attitude can make you a 2 outta 10.

black folks with body dysmorphia already see themselves as ugly.
it can stem from the fione folks having more “european” features.
as you know,
a new version of “fresh prince of belair” has hit the screens.
this time it’s called belair and some of ya’ll think the new “cartlon” is ugly.

 olly sholotan plays the new carlton and folks are complaining he is ugly.
per the neighborhood talk

( x uncle phil ),
who is played by adrian holmes,
is more my speed and he is a fellow bajan!
( x he does a good sex scene too )
those comments are being really extra tho.
olly isn’t ugly to me but he looks too young.

some black folks don’t like dark-skinned black folks.
they’ll be dark-skinned and hate others with darker complexions.
if he is gay and dark-skinned then you can forget it.
all of this stems from generational curses that aren’t broken tho.

folks on social media can be really nasty tho.
the things i have been told in my comments on the foxhole…

God forbid olly was struggling and took his own life.
people did that same shit to sydney sweeney from euphoria:

x see the full video here

…and then i saw people were like,
well she is ugly so why is she crying!?“.

i was telling someone i don’t know how gen z does it these days.
as millennials,
we dealt with bullying at our schools or blocks.
all we had to do was transfer,
and start over.
gen z’s bullying is all over social media so everyone sees it.
everyone in other schools,
and even countries.
your trauma is on display for the world to see.

i couldn’t do it.

lowkey: the way i see folks coming at people online is out of control.
i still can’t get over ( x how tasha k was going at cardi b ).

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. He’s not ugly and has beautiful skin. Black people get on my fucking nerves at times. Meanwhile they worship these okay looking lightbrights smdh

    1. Black people make songs and shit about Brown skin girl and melanin magic then turn around and boldly hate on people who look West African

      If you don’t think he looks good, ok text your family

      Why do you need to talk shit about it on social media ?

      Furthermore was the OG Carlton fine?? I’ll wait

      Why is there a drama version of fresh prince anyway? The whole situation is annoying

  2. It’s heartbreaking, but not surprising from folks who were probably told from childhood that they were ugly. White Supremacy in America had damaged us all.

    1. ^ right,
      which is what makes it really sad.

      there is an actor i’ve featured a few times who doesn’t like his dark complexion due to how bad he was bullied for it.
      this actor is so sexy imo.

      1. Social media is disgusting, being in front of the camera is definitely not for the weak. However why is it whenever a dark skinned person is considered unattractive people automatically equate it too colorism. I have never in my life heard anyone fix their mouth too call Tyson beckford, Idris Elba or Maurice chestnut ugly. This is a featurism issue for sure he’s not what Hollywood would consider the “conventional” heartthrob.Doesn’t make him ugly. Although colorism is a thing, Attractiveness most of the time is judged based off the symmetry of your face, not your skin tone. But we’re not ready to have that convo.

        1. The reason they say that is because the standard is higher

          U named modelesque people

          Light skins be ugly as hell and bc they’re light skinned their rating starts at 6-7

        2. See I disagree. I don’t think it has nothing to do with him being dark skinned, he’s just unattractive. The new Unc Phil, Aunt Viv, Hilary and Geoffrey are dark skinned and everybody on social media is saying how attractive they are. Idris Elba was consider the Sexist Man Alive. Dijmon Hounsou, Tyson Beckford, Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut, Mahershala Ali, Lance Gross, Kofi Siriboe all dark skinned men with strong African features who are universally considered to be attractive. Olly is funny looking guy and it doesn’t help that he is playing an unlikeable character. I do think though that social media is wrong for calling him ugly.

  3. He’s a very handsome and attractive young #BLACK man!!! I guess if you’re not light bright….it ain’t right!!! People need to get over themselves!! #HisBlackIsBeautiful I’ll take dark chocolate any day over anything 🍫🍫

  4. Black people are so effed up.. this is a good looking,very attractive guy.. I guess because he’s of a dark complexion they automatically see him as ugly. What’s even sicker is that I can bet most who are critical of him are in fact of a darker hue.. the ingrained SELF HATE is evident.. just imagine after all these years we are still stuck in that place..

    1. A tv series called “19-2” that was on from 2014-2017 that followed the lives of police officers.It was based on a Canadian French language series.

  5. He isn’t ugly but those haters are no doubt what a waste of energy the new cast doesn’t compare the original cast yes but hey let me be yell damn

  6. I don’t think it has anything to do with him being darkskin, I think the issue is more nuanced, so let’s have the conversation. First off, I totally get the issue around colorism, it definitely is real, that being said let’s stop acting like there aren’t plenty of darkskin people who are considered attractive both in the black community or globally as a whole. Idris Elba, Damson Idris (the relatively new heartthrob on snowfall) , Morris Chestnut, Sterling K Brown, Naomi Campbell, Djimon Hounsou, Derek Luke, Trevante Rhodes, Y’lan Noel ( insecure season 1 &2) Denzel Washington etc. In fact, if you just talk about pure success in addition to sex symbol status, I think most of those people would be considered dark-skinned. Even looking back at the original cast of the Fresh Prince, Jeffery was dark, Jazz was dark, Carlton was fair or dark, Ashley was dark, the original Aunt Viv was dark, little Nicky was dark.

    Without being mean lets just be honest Alfonso Ribeiro especially at that age just looks better than Olly Sholotan (although Olly has a better body) honestly the original cast at that age looks better than the new cast across the board. The real problem and nuance argument is that Olly is a Nigerian American who looks like a Nigerian which makes him seem out of place up against the backdrop that is the Belair family. Without being intellectually obtuse a Nigerian or Nigerian American is not an African American, African Americans are an incredibly unique and distinct people which came out of the hardships of slavery while adapting to the environment of North America in addition to all of the mixing through force and later choice with the Brits, the impoverished first Irish immigrants, Italians, Native Americans etc. Alfonso Ribeiro looks African American because he’s Afro–Trinidadian mixed in with some Portuguese. I’m not hating on Nigerians in anyway because many of us were lusting after the Osundairo brothers who were involved in the Jussie Smollett case. I’m just saying that you can’t always just go out and grab any black person from wherever and have them be African American.

    Lastly, I feel like what we really needed with this “Fresh prince” reboot was something similar to the “Rosanne” reboot. We need 53-year-old Will Smith as 50-year-old Will, and 50-year-old Alfonso as Carlton, and 40-year-old Tatyana Ali as Ashley; we need to see a continuation of the story to see how they’ve grown and how their lives have changed with age. I think as a community we have a problem with aging we try to keep our stars forever in their 20’s and 30’s; while our white counterparts seem to be more willing to explore the possibilities that comes with age, you had the “Rosanne “ reboot , I hear they are working on a new “Frasier” reboot along similar lines, not to mention the iconic “ Golden Girls” which was all about age and what it meant and looked like to get older.

    1. @Reality616: I like your perspective on this topic. I LIKE the reboot and am so caught up in the fact that the new Carlton has “issues” and how that will play out in the storyline, rather than what the actor “looks like”. Can’t stand the Connors, though. IMO, it’s a waste of tv space that could be occupied by Single Families. LOL…

    2. I love how he is taking the old stories and giving them a different twist to it. I thought it was going to be a reboot like that too. We all know Judge Robertson was Uncle Phill nemesis and always setting him up for something to make Phil look bad. Then he died and Phil replaced him. The only change that I am feeling, is Geoffrey. This new G, yo, he don’t cook, he don’t clean, but he fixes shit! I also love how even tho its a reboot, it has today’s feel to it.

      I can see why people don’t like Carlton, that’s the whole point, we are not supposed to. As far as the person who plays him, ugly, where? Jonathan Majors has that sexy ugly to me but Olly not ugly. That body and that booty straight.

    3. You lost me on “looks like a Nigerian
      There are videos of Latinos unable to tell Middle Easterners from Latinos.
      So in our diaspora, when I’ve had people argue that I’m Jamaican, Senegalese, South African(none of which I am) you saying he looks Nigerian so he looks out or place, does not compute. He could be any African group, including African-American.

      1. Exactly! Odd, and that now Tatiana and Alfonso suddenly worthy to be considered African American. Aren’t there vintage pictures of African American black men who could easily be considered the grandfathers or great grandfathers of Ollo.

        Another thing Whoopi Goldberg exists, she looks like she could be his aunty. Viola Davis exists, many (not all) other African American people features/bonestructures falls in line with Ollo.

        I think the problem is people do not want to acknowledge the diverse looks in their own ethnic group especially those according to the OP’s “mixed” black culture. There are Black Americans, Afro-Latinos and Afro-Caribbean/West Indian that have the same bonestructure as the new Carlton.

        Now, if we are going to discuss unfortunate looks across the board why aren’t we bringing up the odd look of the new Will. The actors face is interesting, but the lighter skin protected him.

  7. “if he is gay and dark-skinned then you can forget it.”

    And don’t be (hyper)feminine ON TOP OF all of that, chile…

  8. Imagine the ugly, ghetto, worthless dregs of society getting on social media and hating on this man’s looks. The anti-blackness is so obvious and really pathetic. His phenotype is not unheard of amongst different diaspora groups. Wesley Snipes, Don Cheadle, Draymond Green, Kevin Hart, Venus, Serena, etc. come to mind.

    I’ll never forget this mixed lowlife that I fucked said a South Sudanese friend of mine looked like a drug dealer. Mind you, I was in awe of my South Sudanese friend’s beauty – he had the most flawless, jet black skin; pearly white smile; and a BEAUTIFUL aura. Ironically, the lowlife was the one who was strung out on drugs, hence his failed music career and pass-around status. However, he attributed my friend’s deep skin tone and features to undesirability and illicitness.

    I think black people need to get real about how much they hate blackness in themselves and others. All the marching and kneeling means nothing if this is how you choose to show up in the world.

  9. This is crazy. I usually hate when ppl say, ‘see, this is why I don’t ____’, but this truly is why I don’t fuk w social media like that. Everyone gets to have an opinion, and most ppl don’t deserve a seat at anyone’s table. And it’s always the kids who never got to sit at the kool kids table, or invited to the party, who want to sit at their keyboards and talk sht about ppl who are completely unaware of their existences (see: khia).

    I’m fukn disgusted by the few examples posted alone.

  10. The thing is the vanity and superficial nature of social media. I’m with some of the other comments here, I think that they don’t like his strong African features rather than his complexion. But even still, it’s one thing to not find someone attractive, but to go out of your way to insult him then tell the whole world (because we all really needed to know that you’re not attracted to him). People now feel like they are obligated to put all of their thoughts on social media and don’t see that their opinion can actually be hurtful to someone else. But do that to them and they’ll go off on you.

    Also I’m seeing that more people really requiring other people to be attractive in order for them to say anything good about them. I haven’t seen the show yet but I guarantee that no matter what he does, even if he has a breathtaking performance, these same people will always bring up the fact that they don’t think he’s attractive. They’ll try to frame it as a backhanded compliment like “Alright, I see you. Go off with yo ugly azz” or something. Either way props to him for landing that role and I hope that he can block out the negativity.

  11. olly sholotan Is that chocolatey brutha that I need in my life. He’s a o velvety nd smooth nd that body of his is tight. But the main ones calling him ugly were actually ooouugly so I wouldn’t have took offense. he on the highest rated television series right now directed by DADDY Will Smith. So fuck the haters.

  12. I think people are misplacing their anger towards his character on him as an individual (I may be wrong here I hope not because the alternative is frightening) I don’t care for the character but to go as far as bullying him about his appearance is really a terrible way to express disappointment in him. He’s young, at least to me anybody in their early 20s is a baby to me, I just don’t get the need nor reasoning to be nasty and call him ugly.

    (First SN: it’s very interesting that people rant and rave about dark skin and non-eurocentric features being sexy or interesting but here we are calling somebody with black features ugly)

    I want to say also I feel bad for him and actors like him that suffer because society wants to be unnecessarily nasty and rude towards them like I hope he’s mentally in a good space with himself.

  13. “Ugly”… why is this even a topic of discussion on Social Media? Certain subjects need to be banned in 2022 and beyond!!!!

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