Would You Visit Me In “San Junipero”?

many of us have issues getting older.
it’s mostly for vanity reasons,
i’m sure,
but we all want to stay young forever.
i was watching an episode of “black mirror” that had me stuck to computer screen.
“san junipero”.
it’s an augmented reality created for the elderly or physically restricted.
you can go to any era/year to party.
they are forced to go on 5 hours a day.
it’s them as their younger selves,
but it relies on your subconscious mind.
that means it doesn’t exist,
and you can’t feel any pain,
but it allows you “stay alive” like you would in the real world.
san junipero is a party town by the beach.
it’s beautiful foxhole.
you can fuck who you want and not worry about catching anything.
you can’t get hurt or be killed in there.
before you die,
you have the option to live forever in there.
it’s only until you are ready to pass on that you leave forever.
there is an area called “the quagmire” in san junipero.
it’s for those who been in there too long and get bored.
think: a sex club meets s&m meets “wrong side of town”.
it’s where they do sick shit to keep it interesting.
after watching it,
I started to wonder

Would I want to live forever in this world?

my answer


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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