What In The “You Sure You Was Just Overheating?” Is Going On, Aunt Wendy?

i think someone has it out for aunt wendy.
i mean,
that could be many.
too many to count in her path to that point.
they snapped aunt wendy walking into her studio today and…

that can’t be “middle age”,
that ain’t even “it’s monday/leave me the fuck alone” either.
she looks haggard and worn out.
i keep saying something is happening to wendy bts.
whatever it is,
it is suckin’ the life out of her.
…and not in the good way.

pictures cc: elder ordonez/splash news | daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “What In The “You Sure You Was Just Overheating?” Is Going On, Aunt Wendy?

  1. I felt she was not being entirely truthful about her health condition because I could tell Suzanne still looked worried or concerned the next day.She has been acting “off” for months,that coupled with the weight loss.
    But if she wants to keep it private, that’s her right.

  2. Tbf… She looks like that on a regular when she isn’t on her show.. She always has a messy blonde wig & typically looks rough when she’s out & about minding her own business. It’s amazing how her glam squad can transform her every morning because she always looks like two different people on her show and outside in pubic on casual outings.

  3. Well, *puts on the “we were kangz n shit hat”* I read somewhere that Paris Jackson said that the spirit of her late father, Michael Jackson, had something to do with it, but I could be wrong though. All I know is that whatever Wendy is going through, I hope that God will heal her.

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