Would You Fuck Me With Louis Vuitton?


Gives new meaning to fuckin’ for labels…

LV is apparently coming out with their own condom line.
They will officially be sold for $68 beans.

I think it is a marketing genius.
You know the only people buying them will be ballers (and black Wolfs) hard up on luxury dick downs.
Hopefully this can keep the “ho bag -to- baby mama” ratio down dramatically.
This will be the perfect way to pull some Vixen (or Fox) at the club.
Flash the brown packet and find the nearest back seat or bathroom stall.

I can see these condoms in every twit pics, Facebook icons, and porn videos coming soon.

Which baller wants to luxury fuck a Fox?

Just how I like it.

The expensive way to bust!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Would You Fuck Me With Louis Vuitton?”

  1. Now this is just dumb! Paying that much for a damn condom just cause its LV…I tell you, these big ass businesses, they sure know who they can sucker.

    ***goes back to drinking grapefruit juice***

  2. lol i would hope to get a 10,000 beat down with that… but im a sucker for style i might just get 1 2 put on my dashboard

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