Would You Be Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GuqB1BQVr4]

Again, another video I was ignoring HEAVY.
I should have ignored it.
I will say his new image is better.
Before, he looked like Ellen’s stand in.

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15 thoughts on “Would You Be Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend?”

    1. Pedophilia, hebephilia, and ephebophilia are all real psychological disorders.

      Just ask Bishop Eddie Longstroke.

      Never like Bieber–he has way to many grown ass zesty Black men surrounding him not to warrant a permanent side eye. The latest is Mayweather. Pretty boy Floyd. For real.

      Something in the milk ain’t clean…

  1. I got a ying yang twins whisper vibe from the song. I would not be his boyfriend personally I still feel he is a butch lezzy just hidding it well

    1. LMAO he ain’t hiding shit well.

      He does look like Ellen’s teenage stunt double which is weird.

      He confuses a ton of folks. Lesbians upset cause he gotta dick. Gay dudes mad cause he look like a chick. He’s just looks mad young on top of everything.

      How you gonna be a transgendered lesbian young man? SMH.

      1. “How you gonna be a transgendered lesbian young man? SMH”

        Iceed, you have just kilt me; don’t play any Bieber songs at my funegro

    1. We are doomed. SMH.

      She caught the ghost, had an asthma attack, and a neck cramp over that dude.

      I peeped that shrine behind her; the heifer had an altar of Bieber.

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